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Care of Plants: Watering and Leaf Washing at Vibrant Wanderings

Learning About Leaves in the Montessori Classroom

I’m a little late on this, as with most things, but, um, pin it for next year? My plan for our school year was to focus on settling in during the first couple of weeks, then to focus in our group times and with some themed work, on fire safety to give some context to our first required fire drill. After that, we’d move on to some work focusing on leaves. If all had gone according to plan, we would have started our leaf study in late September, but as some of you know, our first school day didn’t even end up being until late September because, well, licensing is a process. It works out to be great timing in our corner of the world, however, because we’re a couple weeks into our leaf adventures in the classroom, and the trees here seem to have hit the absolute peak of their beauty only just now. I was in complete awe as I drove around today, running my usual errands. I just could not stop staring at the gorgeous fall colors.

Without further ado, here are some photos to give you an idea of how we’ve been exploring leaves in our classroom so far. In addition to what you see here, we’ve been enjoying some favorite leaf-related children’s books from years past, and have discovered some wonderful new favorites. I’ll share those in a separate post later this week.  Continue reading