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Culinary Wanderings #2: Traveling While Vegan

Welcome to the second edition of Culinary Wanderings!

To give me a way to share a bit about my culinary adventures, and to learn from all of yours, I’ll be writing a post on the last Tuesday of each month to share any new recipes, ingredients, or other discoveries I’ve made in the kitchen. I would love for you to join by sharing your favorite or most recent food-related post from the month. You’re welcome to focus on one recipe, one ingredient, one new kitchen gadget, one new cooking or meal-planning technique, or to write about your entire month in food as I’ll be doing. Anything food-related that you want to share is appropriate. It’s all up to you! Continue reading

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Visiting Montessori’s First Casa dei Bambini

Edit, June 2013, Please read before emailing me: I am not affiliated with the Montessori school currently operating on the site of Dr. Montessori’s original Casa dei Bambini. I was lucky enough to visit, but I do not have a contact there. I have received emails almost daily asking for help, and I am so happy to connect with other Montessorians, but I cannot facilitate a visit for you. If you do visit, I would love to hear all about and see photos, too! :)

At the casa, begging our lovely hostess to take my photo before I left, just as Annabelle woke from her nap.

At some point during my training, I decided that one day I would visit the site of Dr. Montessori’s first Casa dei Bambini. There was no if. I was determined to do it, but it always seemed like a far off, distant dream.

Now, friends, I have finally done it and it was every bit as wonderful as I could have hoped. I am not overly sentimental, and I don’t get particularly excited about historic places in general. They’re interesting, sure, but nothing to get all worked up over. This is different. I am so inspired by Montessori’s work, her words, the very idea of what she gave to those children all those years ago, and to all children, that visiting the first Casa dei Bambini really did feel something like I imagine a spiritual pilgrimage would. I had a grin on my face that could be rivaled only by that seen on my wedding day, and following my daughter’s birth. Continue reading

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Keeping a Toddler Happily Busy on a Long Flight

Regular readers are probably tired of hearing about our upcoming trip, but it’s finally almost here, so I thought I would share some of the things I’m packing to keep 23 month old Annabelle happy during our 26 hours of travel. Fortunately 8 of those hours will be made up of layovers, so running around and using up energy should fill the time quite easily. For the other 18, here’s what we have: Continue reading

Photo from Fly For Fun on Flickr.

Traveling With Littles: Share Your Tips, Please?

Photo from Fly For Fun on Flickr.

I’m really looking forward to writing some hopefully helpful and informative posts about traveling with toddlers when we return from our trip, but right now I’m in brainstorming mode and would love to hear from you!

If you have tips or tricks for traveling by air or by train with toddlers, I would be so grateful for them. I’m looking forward to our adventure, but know that the long flight with a four-five months pregnant belly and a busy toddler on my lap will be no walk in the park. We start with a flight that’s about three hours long, followed by an equally long layover. Then it’s a 12+ hour flight followed by a layover of a bit more than an hour, then another hour+ in the air and forty five minutes or so in the car. Once we’re settled in, we’ll probably be enjoying at least one long train ride, but probably more. I’m expecting that we can find some ways to enjoy it all! Continue reading

Traveling with Fluff

The diapering packing list:
  • Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag
  • Bumkins Wet/Dry Bag
  • 2 Small Wet Bags for the diaper bag (Kushies)
  • 24 Unbleached Indian Prefold Diapers
  • 9 Fitted Diapers (Thirsties, Earth Mom and Baby, and WAHM diapers)
  • 2 Snappis
  • 3 Diaper Covers (Thirsties Duo Wraps)
  • 24 Cloth Wipes
  • Wipe Solution
  • Changing Pad
  • Natural/Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer
  • 2 Waterproof Lap Pads
  • 10 Trainers for EC

I used my diaper bag to pack enough diapers for the first leg of our journey.  My Bumkins Wet/Dry Bag came in very handy for this, as I was able to stash clean, dry diapers and wipes in the dry part and stick the used diapers and wipes in the wet part during our flight. In the picture below, I have the dry pocket in the front stuffed with fitted diapers for our first, six hour flight.  Once we went through security, I pulled my hand sanitizer and wipe solution bottles out of the liquids bag I had packed for security and stuck both in the front pocket as well.  
How it Worked – En Route
When it was time for a change, I just grabbed my Bumkins Wet/Dry Bag from my diaper bag and headed to the lavatory, which thankfully was equipped with a changing table.  My only complaint about this product is that the material bunches up at the closure and it’s hard to get a tight close on the wet part, which is important for keeping odors and germs in.  I think I’d like to get the smaller Planet Wise Wet/Dry bag instead.

I used up my fitteds first, because I thought they would be easier to fuss with in the busy-ness of the airport and airplane.  I have since decided that prefolds are really no more difficult than fitteds to put on.
I was really glad that I had my changing pad, too, as the changing tables we encountered didn’t always look terribly clean or comfortable.  I had my Built diaper clutch/changing pad (below), but found that my Waterproof Lap Pads made by Carters worked just as well – actually a bit better in that they were big enough to cover the entire changing table, and fit Annabelle’s whole body.
The benefit of the Built changing pad is that it does have the little pocket (below) which is big enough for a prefold, and a wipe, plus a spare cover and small wet bag, too.  I didn’t find that feature particularly useful, however.
After our first flight, we had a four hour layover, so I did some rearranging.  I emptied the Bumkins wet bag, which can hold 6 or so diapers if you stuff them in well, into the Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag in my carry on suitcase. The Planet Wise bag can fit days worth of diapers, so I have been using it as I would my diaper pail at home.  I then restocked the diaper bag with enough fresh diapers and wipes for the second leg of our trip.
Hand sanitizer is not something I like to rely too heavily on, but when you’re holding an infant and diapering supplies and trying to clean up in a tiny airplane restroom, it comes in quite handy in place of trying to wash and hold down those silly little airplane sink handles at the same time.  That reminds me – another great thing about the Bumkins bag is that it has shoulder straps! 
A Little EC
Our second flight was seven hours long, but it was nighttime, so Annabelle slept almost the entire time.  She woke twice to nurse and was back asleep by the time she finished.  Since she never woke fully, I didn’t want to disturb her to change her.  Once morning rolled around and it was almost time to start our descent, I took her back to the lavatory only to find that she was totally dry.  Instead of changing her, I held her over the airplane toilet and she went!  I didn’t expect that we’d do much ECing during our travels since it wouldn’t often be possible to get right to a bathroom when Annie signaled, so I was pretty excited about this small success.  

Once we arrived at our final airport, we had an hour and a half or so of driving to get to my sister’s where we’re staying and of course had to stop at our favorite restaurant (WaterCourse Foods – the best vegetarian restaurant I have ever tried), so I again emptied the wet bag and restocked the diaper bag.  We had plenty of diapers left!!  Once at WaterCourse, I took Annie back for a change and again gave her a potty-tunity and she took it!  The lavatory was our first public restroom EC success, and just hours later we had our second.  I was thrilled!
Settling In
I have continued to use my carry on suitcase to house our diaper stash, and it works pretty well. The Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag easily holds 3+ days worth of diapers, so that has been our ‘pail.’  It hangs on the closet door in our bedroom at my sister’s right next to the makeshift changing area I have set up.
The front dry pocket holds Annabelle’s EcaPants (EC trainers), which she wears when we’re home.  So far, we’ve been successfully ECing twice a day at least.  I haven’t stressed about it much, as babe is spending less time in my arms and more time playing with her Auntie, cousin, and friends, so misses are more common than at home.  For this reason, she is diapered when we’re not just lounging around the (my sister’s) house.
For changes, I have one of our lap pads on the floor in the guest room with a bottle of wipe solution on hand, as well as a spare cover, etc.  It has worked out great!
For outings, I do things just like at home.  I love my small spray bottle for wipe solution and my two Kushies wet bags for used diapers.  They work great for even several hour long outings.  Here’s one stuffed with several diapers from a long day out.  
Overall, I would say that traveling with cloth is no more of a challenge than using it at home.  I would much rather carry a few extra items around than send bags full of non-biodegradable diapers to a landfill!