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Culinary Wanderings #2: Traveling While Vegan

Welcome to the second edition of Culinary Wanderings!

To give me a way to share a bit about my culinary adventures, and to learn from all of yours, I’ll be writing a post on the last Tuesday of each month to share any new recipes, ingredients, or other discoveries I’ve made in the kitchen. I would love for you to join by sharing your favorite or most recent food-related post from the month. You’re welcome to focus on one recipe, one ingredient, one new kitchen gadget, one new cooking or meal-planning technique, or to write about your entire month in food as I’ll be doing. Anything food-related that you want to share is appropriate. It’s all up to you! Continue reading

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Visiting Montessori’s First Casa dei Bambini

Edit, June 2013, Please read before emailing me: I am not affiliated with the Montessori school currently operating on the site of Dr. Montessori’s original Casa dei Bambini. I was lucky enough to visit, but I do not have a contact there. I have received emails almost daily asking for help, and I am so happy to connect with other Montessorians, but I cannot facilitate a visit for you. If you do visit, I would love to hear all about and see photos, too! :)

At the casa, begging our lovely hostess to take my photo before I left, just as Annabelle woke from her nap.

At some point during my training, I decided that one day I would visit the site of Dr. Montessori’s first Casa dei Bambini. There was no if. I was determined to do it, but it always seemed like a far off, distant dream.

Now, friends, I have finally done it and it was every bit as wonderful as I could have hoped. I am not overly sentimental, and I don’t get particularly excited about historic places in general. They’re interesting, sure, but nothing to get all worked up over. This is different. I am so inspired by Montessori’s work, her words, the very idea of what she gave to those children all those years ago, and to all children, that visiting the first Casa dei Bambini really did feel something like I imagine a spiritual pilgrimage would. I had a grin on my face that could be rivaled only by that seen on my wedding day, and following my daughter’s birth. Continue reading

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What’s New: The Photo Journal Continues

Ciao! I have so many exciting things to share, beginning I hope with this next Montessori Monday, but today we are on the go and I am also not wanting to broadcast our exact location to the whole of the internet. So, for now I have Mamatography photos up until a couple of days ago and promises of more to come in the next week. I’m really missing my connections in this space and looking forward to catching up with all of you soon.

I’m adding the linky as usual, even though my own blogging is lacking, so please share any updates you may have!

Continue reading

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What’s New: Exploring Italia

I flew out at 6am the morning after I published my last post and we’re still on a bit of a funky schedule, hence my complete silence in the blog world. It has been lovely to give myself a bit of a break from it all, but boy do I miss this space! I’m unable to ponder deep issues at the moment, but don’t want to miss another week of What’s New, Babe? so I have a very photo heavy post for you, complete with the photos I have taken for the Mamatography challenge during our trip. Continue reading

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Keeping a Toddler Happily Busy on a Long Flight

Regular readers are probably tired of hearing about our upcoming trip, but it’s finally almost here, so I thought I would share some of the things I’m packing to keep 23 month old Annabelle happy during our 26 hours of travel. Fortunately 8 of those hours will be made up of layovers, so running around and using up energy should fill the time quite easily. For the other 18, here’s what we have: Continue reading