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Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide

Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide!

If you need to complete your holiday shopping, find a birthday present for a friend, or just treat yourself to something special, the NPN Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone. But what’s even better, the NPN Holiday Gift Guide is a great opportunity to shop consciously and to support many naturally minded small businesses. The companies that have provided items for review and giveaway are almost exclusively made up of small businesses or work-at-home families.

Below you will find information on 74 companies from 25 of our NPN volunteers. The companies are giving away 89 products and gift certificates, for a total combined value of $2,550.

As you scroll through the Gift Guide, we encourage you to click on the links for each of the reviews — look for the links to our volunteers’ blogs in each heading (i.e., “From ABC Company via Blog Name” — the “Blog Name” has the link to the review). Our volunteers have crafted thoughtful posts on each participating company with pictures of and links to products that are simply perfect for our natural parenting families. And while we’ve split our Gift Guide into sections (“Perfect for Kids” and “Family and Home”), you’ll discover that many of the stores offer goodies that people of all ages will enjoy. Continue reading

Giveaway: Box of Eco Friendly Art Supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio – $60 ARV {11.25, WW}

This is a joint giveaway between Natural Parents Network and many other natural parenting sites. You may enter for all of the giveaways at one site only. Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide!

Natural Parents Network, Vibrant Wanderings, and 24 other natural parenting bloggers are giving away 89 items perfect for gifting for the holidays as part of the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide. The combined total value of all of the items is $2,550.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? The NPN Holiday Gift Guide is a great opportunity to complete your gift-giving purchases for family and friends, while supporting many naturally-minded small businesses. The companies who have provided items for giveaway are almost exclusively made up of small businesses or work-at-home families.

Please stop back to enter the giveaway. The Rafflecopter entry system will be live November 1 on this post (and on every post participating in the Gift Guide). Please visit some of the other review posts listed below and read about the fabulous companies offering giveaways in the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide.

Please continue reading to learn more about Stubby Pencil Studio, which is offering our readers a giveaway of a box of eco friendly art supplies valued at $60.

About Stubby Pencil Studio

Stubby Pencil Studio is an online shop specializing in quality, earth friendly art materials, school supplies, and unique gifts for children. The company was founded by Kate who, inspired by her twin girls, continues to run it today. Literally everything in my daughter’s collection of art supplies comes from Stubby Pencil Studio and it’s a company I have remained loyal to for a number of reasons. Not only are the items Kate sells high quality and mindfully sourced, but they’re truly non toxic and safe. I love knowing that if Annabelle sticks her paint brush in her mouth during the creative process, what she’s swallowing is plant based – even gluten free and vegan!

Another thing that keeps me coming back is the incredible customer service. I’ll tell you a little story: my friend Nicole and I placed orders for art materials together a few times, so that we could share shipping. Because we were both ordering, our orders were rather large, and I received an email from Kate shortly after I placed one. She had a coupon code available that I hadn’t heard about and therefore hadn’t used. I had already paid for my order, but without my even asking, she refunded 15% of my money anyway. I was already hooked because of the great products, but that interaction sealed the deal. It’s abundantly clear that Kate is among those rare business owners who truly love what they do, care about their customers, and always remain true to their own business ethics. When it comes to items Kate carries I won’t buy anywhere else! Continue reading

Letting the rhythm find you, on NPN

You can find me over at the Natural Parents Network today, where I talk about the idea of seasonal and daily rhythms. Here’s an excerpt, but you can head over and read the full article here.

The idea of a daily rhythm, too, began to feel like a total joke, at least where our household was concerned. I thrived on a consistent routine, and it seemed to work well for my daughter, too, but I kept reading idealized, poetic descriptions of “daily rhythm” (said in the peaceful, calming voice of an enlightened earth mother) that insisted that a rhythm was not a routine. I started to roll my eyes every time I saw the r word, as it seemed to mock me with its unattainable beauty and perfection.

island baby laundry

Going it alone with an infant

Over at the Natural Parents Network, I’ve written about some of the things that helped me get through the early months of Annabelle’s life with her daddy away.

Here’s an excerpt:

We had recently moved to the island of Guam, where I had not yet developed any close friendships, and where we were not only geographically removed from our extended family in a big way, but we were also in such a drastically different time zone that I couldn’t even reasonablycall someone I loved every time I needed a listening ear. It all sounds awfully dramatic and awfully difficult when I write it out like that, and solo parenting certainly isn’t easy (let’s face it, parenting period isn’t easy), but it was manageable, and over two years later, is still a time I remember fondly for the most part. Looking back, there are a handful of things that I feel contributed to my ability to maintain my sanity during that very busy time. I’m sure there’s more I could have done, and I’m sure there are things I could have done differently, but all in all, I’m happy with the choices I made.

Read the whole post, and share your own new mama survival tips here.

A Day in the Life of a Natural Parents Network Volunteer

It’s that time again! You might remember the great post in December 2011 that highlighted the Natural Parents Network Volunteers’ most popular or favorite posts from the year. Or what about the March 2012 post that featured Do It Yourself projects, How To’s, Tutorials, Recipes, and anything related to a step by step guide or informational how-to from the NPN Volunteers. Well we are back, and this time we are bringing you a collection of posts that focus on what our lives really look like!

Yep – we are giving you a sneak peak into things like a typical day in our life, special or fun outings, or photos which show all of you what motherhood looks like for us. Basically, we are keeping it real!

There are a lot of really wonderful posts here that show that even though we blog about our parenting ideals, we really are just regular moms, getting by one day at a time! So enjoy our typical day in the trenches!

Continue reading