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The Toddler Bedtime Routine

I’ve been surprised by how difficult the adjustment to having two children is emotionally. I expected to be tired, harried, and any number of other things, but I did not expect to be sad. I’m not talking about the baby blues here, either. While I treasure and love our sweet baby boy just as much as I always have his sister, I find that I’m mourning the loss of all the one-on-one time I used to have with Annabelle. As she has grown up, one of the biggest parenting challenges we’ve had with her has revolved around sleep, so it’s funny that the salve for my growing and aching mama heart would be bedtimes with my girl. Bedtime has become my favorite part of the day with Annabelle, and these days it’s not (just) because I’m so exhausted from the day that I can’t wait for her to be asleep. Mostly, it’s the one time during the day when I can relax and spend time with just Annabelle, and I treasure it. The road to get here was long, and we still encounter bumps along the way, but we have a pretty darn pleasant bedtime routine going at the moment. Continue reading

My Farewell Mother Baby Blessing

Photo (and henna) credit: Amanda of Gaia Eco Solutions

On one of our last Saturdays on Guam, the amazing mothers I had gotten to know through Garden Day got together and made me feel like the luckiest woman alive. I’m not really sure what to call the gathering they had for me, but it made me feel incredibly blessed, so I suppose a Mother Blessing is the closest thing. To any who were a part of it and may be reading this, I can’t say how incredibly grateful I am to know you, and to have you in my life – even if only from a distance now. All day long, I kept looking around at the people surrounding me, thinking, “Is it possible that I could ever find such an incredible group of talented, generous, caring women again?” There are amazing women everywhere, of course, but it’s a rare thing to find so many in community with one another. In the past I have dreamed of pulling together and introducing all of the amazing women I know, but on Guam, they were already friends and I’m honored that they shared that friendship with me, too. Continue reading

Crafting My Life, With Thanks to Amber Strocel

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to share this book with you! When Amber of put out an invitation for readers to review her Crafting My Life Playbook, exchange guest posts, or otherwise join with her on the journey she has begun, I knew I wanted to participate. Amber’s work has been such an inspiration to me as I have settled into the role of mother and begun the task of figuring out where the intersection between my personal goals and my life as a mother lies. I knew I would enjoy reading her Crafting My Life Playbook, but what I didn’t know was how timely it would be for me. Continue reading

Montessori Meets Baby-Led Weaning: On NPN Today

You can find me over at the Natural Parents Network today, where I discuss the Natural Approach to Introducing Solids that worked for us when Annabelle first began exploring the world of food.

“The Montessori method for introducing solids has always appealed to me on some level, but the practice of baby-led weaning, popular among natural parents, also caught my eye. I went back and forth a good deal as I tried to work out the best approach for us, but in the end, I found out that the two can actually work together in perfect harmony.”

Head over to NPN for the full article.

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Nonviolent Communication: Denial of Responsibility

I’ve been using Sundays to blog about Nonviolent Communication as I see it. I started out with an introduction, and have since added pieces on Giving From the Heart and the value of value judgments.

As I explained in last week’s post about value judgments, there are several types of communication that Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life‘s author refers to as “life-alienating.” The wonderful Zoie pointed out something really important, which is that the author, Rosenberg, is not always careful to use terms that would make sense to the outsider. He describes his philosophy of communication using a lot of self-created jargon which is valuable if you have taken the time to read along with him from start to finish, but that may confuse someone trying to learn about NVC by bits and pieces. Continue reading