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Pre-Language: Sequencing Cards

It’s a teacher work day today, and I’m making sequencing cards for our pre-language area. I took some photos at our snack table and thought I’d share in case you’d like to download and print them for your own use. Sequencing is a great pre-language activity, and can be tons of fun. You could use these as two separate sets with a young child, or put them together for more of a challenge.

Serving a Snack: Sequencing Cards

Serving a Snack: Sequencing Cards

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The Natural Development of Writing and Reading in Montessori

Annabelle takes a break from perfecting her ones and threes on the fridge -  to dance :)

Annabelle takes a break from perfecting her ones and threes on the fridge – to dance :)

Annabelle, my almost four year old, has loved books practically from birth. She has never tired of being read to. I have never pushed language learning on her. In fact, if you’ve been reading along for awhile, you might know that I sort of deliberately left toys depicting letters out of our environment. Books were all around, of course, but there were no alphabet blocks or other such things. Of course, like any toddler, she reached a point where she wanted a name for everything in her environment, and around age two she began pointing at letters in the world around her. License plates were a big one. “What is this, mommy?” “What sound is that?” In Montessori fashion, I answered with the letter in question’s phonetic sound, rather than its alphabetical name. And I left it at that. Over time she learned to recognize a number of different letters on her own, and several months ago, she began tracing the Montessori Sandpaper Letters. We have had formal three period lessons when requested, and she has traced and practiced on her own to master all 26 sounds. Continue reading

Montessori Language Objects + Win $50 to Spend at Montessori Services

If you know me, you know that I only do giveaways with sponsors I know and love, and Montessori Services definitely falls into that category. Their catalog is an excellent source of ready made Practical Life activities, beautiful child-sized items for creating your own classroom (or homeschool) activities, and essentials for preparing the environment such as baskets, trays, and rugs. They also have wonderful enrichment materials for every area of the Montessori curriculum, including language, which we’ve been talking about a lot lately here at Vibrant Wanderings. I love their products, and I really love knowing that I’m supporting a small, woman and mom run business when I buy them. Continue reading

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Mini Review: Montessori Letter and Number Work

Annabelle exploring Montessori: Number Work

I was thrilled when, in the middle of my Montessori Early Math and Language Series, I learned of two new board books from Bobby and June George, founders of Baan Dek Montessori. Montessori: Letter Work and Montessori: Number Work  meet a need that I have felt for many years. I only wish they had been around when I was still in the classroom! Continue reading

The Montessori Method for Teaching the Letter Sounds

Some miniature sandpaper letters from a set I commissioned from my artistic former assistant. These are sandpaper on painted balsa wood.

This is part four in my series on early math and language skills. In my last post, I discussed the way children learn to pick out and differentiate between individual letter sounds (phoneme isolation) in Montessori schools and shared some ideas for how parents can provide similar activities at home. Once children have become familiar and comfortable with the letter sounds (auditory discrimination), we move on to presenting the individual letters. We do not, however, present the letter names, but instead present each letter in association with its phonetic sound. Of course many letters make more than one sound, but we begin with one common sound for each letter.

In previous posts for this series I have briefly touched on the way things are done in the classroom and then focused on ideas for parents supporting their children’s learning at home. When it comes to the letter sounds, the method used in Montessori schools is useful for nearly all children and can be followed by parents who are supporting their children in learning to read at home instead of in a Montessori school or elsewhere. Continue reading