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6 Goals of the Montessori Classroom and How You Can Support Them

6 GoalsThe parents in our program are all welcome to volunteer in the classroom at any time. We are getting ready to welcome our first volunteer during class time, and I wanted to be sure that I had a way of sharing some of the guiding principles used during our work time with parents coming in. My hope is that I and all of the adults coming in can work together in support of the same goals. Some of the ways of being in the Montessori environment are counter-intuitive to adults who are used to working in and around traditional classrooms, so I wanted to explain some of these differences, while giving a bit of the theory behind them. I hope that explaining the goals we have and how we work toward them will be more helpful than listings dos and don’ts with no clarification. We’ll see!

This is one of those articles that I could spend many more hours on, and tweak endlessly. I do think it’s longer than it needs to be, but I am so not good at consolidating things, and if I keep obsessing I will never publish, so here is my imperfect work as it is now. I’d love to hear what you would change, add, or leave out. I hope that this, as well as some other classroom-related documents I’ve put together recently will be of use to other teachers and co-op organizers. I’ll be sharing some of these as printables soon!

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What’s New: Pushing and Pulling

There may not be many toys around, but there's always bread to bake, a counter to climb on...

Every Wednesday I write a post to reflect on any big events in our family’s life, along with all of the small changes and new developments I notice with Annabelle during the week. Life moves so quickly, and this is my way of keeping track – my virtual scrapbook, if you will. If you write a post, or put together a collection of photos, to record the happenings with your own children or family, I’d love to have you link up so I can follow along. There’s a link-up at the bottom of this post for anyone who would like to join. This year, I’m also participating in Mamatography, a 366 day photo challenge, started by Luschka at Diary of a First Child, and this weekly update seems the perfect time to post the photos I take during the week, so you’ll see them scattered about in each post. Continue reading

Photo Credit: wickenden on Flickr. Used by Creative Commons License.

Bodily Autonomy and Sexual Abuse

Photo Credit: wickenden on Flickr. Used by Creative Commons License.

While Annabelle and I were traveling, we found ourselves in the company of groups of people far more often than usual, and it occurred to me just how many adults feel that it’s perfectly appropriate to touch a child without warning or invitation. Sure, it’s just a pat on the head or the back, a friendly touch on the arm or the leg, or perhaps a little squeeze on the cheek. It’s meant to be an acknowledgement of how adorable the child is, perhaps a way to connect and appreciate their sweetness. I get that, but I urge you, if you engage in this sort of touch, to think more deeply about whether it’s appropriate or respectful of the child. Continue reading

Annabelle's closet, designed for independent dressing.

Our Montessori Home, Sans School

I have really come to enjoy posting bits and pieces from our lives for Montessori Monday, but as I put together my thoughts on The Schooling Dilemma, I realized I may be painting a bit of a confusing picture.

I explained that I admire, fully support, and am quite frankly in awe of parents who choose to homeschool their children using the Montessori method. I support homeschooling, I am a Montessorian to the core, and I strive to implement Montessori philosophy in my home, and in my interactions with all children. While I suspect I will always be guided by Montessori philosophy, I will never homeschool my children using the Montessori method. That is unless I decide to open a school in my home that includes children unrelated to me. We shall see 1 Continue reading

  1. Is this the place where I should admit to hoarding small shelves, tables, chairs, and the like, just in case I should find myself designing a home-based Montessori environment?