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Real as it Gets


Blurry cell phone photo, but isn’t she adorable? Playing around at Home Depot.

I have been writing this week’s edition of Keeping it Real in my head since yesterday. I’m going to make an attempt to write it, but don’t have high hopes. A microburst hit our little neighborhood tonight so we’re in hour four without power and I’m writing from my phone in the dark, too hot to sleep. A power outage right at the end of a heatwave is pretty poor timing, but at least we have power most of the time, right?

But back to keeping it real – I love these posts for creating a space for celebration and honesty all at once.

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With Gratitude: 2011

Amanda at Let’s Take the Metro issued a “Gratitude Challenge” this year, in which she encouraged all of us to celebrate Thanksgiving by listing 100 things we are grateful for. I have decided to join her, but while it’s Thanksgiving in the US, it’s actually Friday here, so the first ten on my list will be my weekly Joy Pockets.  What follows are the first 90, stream of consciousness things that come to my mind. There is so much to be grateful for! Thanks to Amanda and Monica for the inspiration!


1. My husband, who is always there to lend support or help when I need a little extra. Continue reading

Gratitude and a Giveaway **CLOSED**

I'm also pretty grateful for pumpkins, but who isn't? Image credit: Penguinbush on flickr.

The transition from my old blog to this one has left me feeling even more grateful than usual for the insightful, supportive community I have found in this space and around the web. With that in mind, I felt it only appropriate that I join Amanda of Let’s Take the Metro for a gratitude post as I complete the settling in process. Stick it out to the end (or scroll down), because I have a prize for you, too!

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World Breastfeeding Week: A Poem of Thanks

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I thought I would write a thank you to the many people who have supported me in my right to choose natural duration breastfeeding, even when it means nursing in public. Stories of negative reactions to women breastfeeding in public places get a lot of attention, and for good reason, but there are many others who are left alone, or even openly encouraged. I wanted to highlight those today.

I’m not a poet, at all, but I thought I would have some fun anyway. Try to read past the virtually nonexistent meter and the all over the place rhyme scheme and tune in later this week for more World Breastfeeding Week related content. I’ll even write some in formats I have a reasonable command of ;)


Thank you for your smiles.
Thank you for your knowing nods.
Thank you for peeking in a way
that made me feel more comfortable than on display.

Breastfeeding in public is seldom discussed – rarely seen,
except where we nursing mothers convene.
So together we do our best,
to raise awareness and inform the rest.

Breastfeeding is not obscene,
and there’s no magic age by which children should wean.
It offers natural immunity, the best nutrition, and many other benefits
for infants, toddlers, and yes – sometimes even children of six!

I hear tales of women harassed,
others who get not a single smile from those who walk past.
As for me, I’ve never seen it.
You’ve kept quiet, or you’ve been in agreement.

I feel pride in my community 
and gratitude for all around me.

Thanks to you, I’ve always felt safe and supported,
because of your warmth and the smiles you’ve sported.


I’m celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with Natural Parents Network!

You can, too — link up your breastfeeding posts from August 1-7 in the linky below, and enjoy reading, commenting on, and sharing the posts collected here and on Natural Parents Network.

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