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Lam Lam and the Latte Lesson

Annabelle, running around on top of
Mt. Lam Lam
On Sunday, the daddy and I decided we finally wanted to hike Guam’s highest mountain: Mt. Lam Lam. To avoid the heat of the day, we agreed that we would leave around 8am. 
One of the many things that humbles me daily is a knowledge of the working mamas out there (and even the stay-at-home, but get a kid off to school mamas) who somehow manage to get both themselves and their children out the door before 8am on a regular basis. I find it nearly impossible to get Annabelle and myself ready for the day before ten or eleven. The only reasons I felt this morning hike thing would work were: 1) We didn’t need to shower because, well, we were going to get all sweaty anyway. 2) We could stop off at my favorite coffee shop on the way for a muffin and a latte, so there was no need to make coffee or breakfast.

How’s that for a nutritious breakfast?
Somehow, we managed to get up, nursed, dressed,
and out the door by sometime around 8:30, and off we went. We stopped at Infusion where I ordered, against my better judgment, a vanilla latte and a banana muffin, and hopped back in the car. While I cut out caffeine entirely from the time I found out I was pregnant until Annabelle was two or three months old, I do enjoy my two cups of caffeinated coffee in the morning now, and I won’t apologize for it, even though I know I’d be better off without it. Coffee is delicious. Coffee and gobs of sugar, however, is not the best idea. I should have had plenty of water and opted to forgo the cup of soy+caffeine+sugar-laden-vanilla-flavor. I paid for my poor decision during our hike, and was reminded that it won’t be long before Annabelle starts making her own decisions on what to eat and drink, and my own become a model for her. 
In another misstep, I decided to give her the cup she was begging for after I finished my syrupy drink, because she was rather upset and ready to be out of her car seat, so I thought it might cheer her up. Only foam was remaining, and that was at the bottom of the cup, so I decided it was fine. Oh, how I underestimate my child. I should have known that she would reach her entire arm down in the cup to devour the foam, and devour it she did. She had a great time doing it, however, so I decided, in the words of Dr. Lawrence Cohen, author of Playful Parenting, to follow the giggles, and I didn’t take it away. Note to self: If I do decide to indulge in a latte, just before a hike is not the best time and, just because foam won’t spill, doesn’t mean Annabelle can’t eat it. Lessons learned.
After my humbling coffee experience, we arrived, wiped Annabelle off, and headed up the mountain. Fortunately, the daddy helped me remember her hat and sunscreen, since even having had my coffee, my brain was so fuzzy that I nearly forgot! The views were lovely and we had a great time. Here are a few photos from the hike…