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Women’s Work, Blogging, and Pay

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It’s no secret that certain types of work are more often undertaken by women in our culture than by men. There are varying opinions on why this is, and none of them are really within the scope of what I care to write about here. Whatever the reasons, some women feel very at home in these stereotypically female roles and others of us simply do not. I am one who usually enjoys the everyday tasks associated with mothering and work with young children, cooking, and – if I’m not too overwhelmed by other things – sometimes even cleaning.

For many years I worked for pay, but because I was in nurturing-type roles, it was disgustingly little for the amount of work that I did. I held down two, sometimes even three or four jobs at a time, because I loved my work so much that I was willing to do it for far less than I deserved.
For nearly eighteen months, I have been staying home with my daughter during the day. I’m working, of course, but not for a paycheck. My work as a mother, too, is undervalued by society, but that’s another topic that is outside the scope of what is on my mind at the moment, and has been covered extensively by other writers. In addition to my work as a mother, I have taken on this role as a blogger. I write here, at least two or three days a week, usually more, and that writing represents several hours per week of work. Most of it is therapeutic for me, and I certainly enjoy it, but at the same time, it’s work.

When I started blogging, I specifically avoided any sort of monetization as well as giveaways. I feel like we’re marketed to all day long, and I wanted people to be able to interact with my writing without having anyone attempt to sell them something. I also wanted to be able to share my honest thoughts and opinions without having to worry about keeping a sponsor happy. I am still ad and affiliate free (though I have added the occasional giveaway because, well, I like them), and I still enjoy the freedom that comes with blogging purely as a hobby.

At the same time, I am starting to wonder if those of us in the “mommy blogger” community who aren’t selling ad space community are assigning too little value to our work, and if this tendency to undervalue what we do is related to society’s tendency to view women’s work as unworthy of pay. For me, seeking compensation feels somehow inappropriate. I have this sense that if I look for some sort of return on my work, the work itself must have been purely selfish. I must be insincere. Somehow, I feel that by giving without expecting to be compensated, I prove that I am genuine. I don’t have this same sense when it comes to my husband’s work, or that of any male I know. If I can’t view my own work as valuable, however, how can I ever expect anyone else to?┬áIn order to have my work viewed as worthwhile, perhaps I need to start attaching value to it myself?

On Changing and Staying the Same

It has been a bit quiet around here this week as I work on a few things – so quiet that I completely forgot to share a moment from our week, and I have over 260 articles waiting for me in my google reader. I wanted to take a minute to say we’re here, and we’re well, and to catch up with all of you before what promises to be an exciting week around here.

As you have likely heard, I’m gearing up to host a blog carnival on The Natural Parents Network, with my friend and fellow volunteer Shannon, and I’m rather giddy about it.

As part of the carnival, I have prepared my first proper review and giveaway posts, something I previously struggled with, and even discussed in a post about blogging dilemmas. I have gone back and forth, but I think I’ve finally decided: I really have fun writing giveaways. It has been especially fun because for this carnival I hand-picked some great products that I already owned and loved, and then I partnered with the work at home moms who make them to arrange giveaway details. Those giveaways will post here during the carnival next week (as well as on The Natural Parents Network), and I wanted to give my regular readers a heads up: The focus of my blog will not change, but I will likely continue to do giveaways here and there because I enjoy writing them, and if I’m not enjoying myself in this space, what’s really the point, right? They will never, however, become the primary focus around here. I have updated my disclaimer to reflect this slight shift, too.

Just fair warning for those of you who may not be interested in cloth diapering – there will be a lot of content here next week, as well as on our facebook and twitter pages. It is a party after all! I hope you’ll forgive the temporary increase in posting if this isn’t your sort of thing and return to us next week.

Photo Credit:  Kay Gaensler