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Preparing for a Second Child: Examining Routines

It seems that going from one to two children can rank among the most challenging transitions that many families will ever face. For Annabelle’s sake, as well as our own, we’re trying to prepare in a number of different ways and I’ll be sharing those with you as we go along in an informal series I’ll call Preparing for a Second Child. Continue reading

Crafting My Life, With Thanks to Amber Strocel

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to share this book with you! When Amber of put out an invitation for readers to review her Crafting My Life Playbook, exchange guest posts, or otherwise join with her on the journey she has begun, I knew I wanted to participate. Amber’s work has been such an inspiration to me as I have settled into the role of mother and begun the task of figuring out where the intersection between my personal goals and my life as a mother lies. I knew I would enjoy reading her Crafting My Life Playbook, but what I didn’t know was how timely it would be for me. Continue reading

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On Imperfect Mothering and “Negativity”

Balance restored. The recipe for a truly great day at home: put away the computer and head to the kitchen! Oh, but there were grumpy moments, too, and that's okay!

It has been quiet around here recently, as a few of you may have noticed, and there are a few reasons why. The first is that I’ve simply been grouchy, and not feeling much like writing. The second is a preoccupation with house hunting and other preparations for our upcoming move. Another issue, however, is that I’ve been feeling like a rather lousy parent, and as a result have not had many insights to share. Continue reading

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Gently Night Weaning a Toddler

Otherwise unrelated photos of the toddler in question.

As usual, Annabelle has done many new things this week, but the biggest change for all of us has been an end to nighttime nursing. Something about this pregnancy seems to have made Annabelle1 want to nurse all the more, and many nights she was nursing all night long, which made for lousy sleep and an aching back for me. While I know that some women manage  not only to tandem nurse, but to nighttime nurse two children, I also know that such an arrangement would make me personally a pretty grouchy mama.  Continue reading

  1. Age 21 months, for those who aren’t aware.