This is what a four year old looks like…

Taking one of four symbolic trips around the 'sun'.

Taking one of four symbolic trips around the ‘sun’.

I have so much to write about this precious girl and what she’s been doing lately, and much already written about her brother, too. I’m facing the fact that it’s not going to publish this week,  but I can’t go to sleep tonight without some sort of acknowledgment of the big day it was. Today, my favorite girl turned four. It seems like an absolutely huge number when applied to a person I can still imagine at little more than 19 inches long. I am so grateful for all she has taught me in her four, incredibly four years, and I’m looking forward to many, many more.

Annabelle had a wonderful day, having struggled to fall asleep last night with all of the anticipation: “I want to be four RIGHT now!” She woke up, put on a fancy dress, and ate her requested breakfast of chocolate muffin. We settled in to school after that, where she spent the morning talking about her upcoming birthday circle. Can you see how happy she was to take that walk around the sun?

After school, she played at a great park with the daddy while I had a visit with my midwives and we wrapped up our family evening with dinner out together, at a restaurant chosen because they offer penne pasta, the birthday girl’s requested meal.

After that, it was home again for a flurry of phone calls and Skype visits before getting ready for bed. We’ll have a cake this weekend, and a party later in the Spring, but today we got to quietly celebrate this gem of a child and for that I am grateful.

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