Back to [Home]School Giveaways: A Quick Wrap-Up

Extensions with the yellow Montessori knobless cylinders via Vibrant WanderingsAll of the winners for my back to [home]school giveaway series have been chosen, and most or all should have received their prizes, so I thought I’d congratulate them here. I have one sponsor, the lovely Sonnie McFarland, who is offering a discount for those who did not win, too, so I’ll share those details with you.

Week 1: BISSELL Natural Sweep

Ours is getting so much more use now that the school year is in full swing, and the children are loving it! I see at least one child working with it every single day. The lucky winner of the giveaway was Betsy L, who told me that she has never won anything on a blog before. She was thrilled, and is hopefully enjoying her Natural Sweep! If you didn’t win, but are in the market for a basic, kid friendly carpet sweeper, the current sale price for the Bissell Natural Sweep on Amazon is $22.99.

Week 2: $30 Gift Certificate to Montessori Print Shop

I just ordered a bunch of materials for a unit on leaves and for our geography shelf. I think I fall more in love with Montessori Print Shop every time I print something, and go that much deeper as I’m laminating and envisioning the children working with our lovely new materials ;) The winner of the gift certificate was Karen, who said, “I would love to buy some geography and math materials for my son to expand upon what I used with my daughter at his age.” To shop for yourself, you can visit Montessori Print Shop’s Store.

Week 3: $50 Gift Certificate to Montessori Services

Assembling a Flashlight from Montessori Services, at Vibrant Wanderings

Assembling a flashlight – a definite favorite in our classroom!

The Assembling a Flashlight Work I highlighted in this giveaway is another one that is used just about every single day, usually by multiple children, in our classroom. It is most definitely a favorite, and if you follow me on facebook, you know that many other items from Montessori Services have made their way to our classroom since the giveaway. I meant it when I said that I spend my money there all the time! The lucky winner of this giveaway was Tracey of A Learning Journey. She told me, “This is soooo awesome! Thank you very much for hosting this giveaway. I am super excited about winning. Please pass on my appreciation and gratitude to the company. I have to go back and look at my wish list, but I am pretty sure I know exactly want I want to purchase with the gift certificate.” :)

To shop for yourself, visit Montessori Services online.

Week 4: Honoring the Light of the Child: Activities to Nurture Peaceful Living Skills in Young Children

As we finish up our beginning of the year grace and courtesy lessons in the classroom, I’m really looking forward to implementing more of the lessons from this beautiful book. The winner of the giveaway was Amy, aka Mama Gatzemeyer of A Secure Base. For those who did not win, Sonnie McFarland is offering a 20% discount on the book (a savings of $6) to Vibrant Wanderings readers who place a phone order. If you’d like info on ordering at the discounted rate, you can email me, or leave a comment and I’ll email you with the phone number to call :) Of course there’s always the amazon option, too.

Thanks for participating in this giveaway series with me. (Not so) secretly, I just love being able to try out new things in the classroom ;) Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!


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