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It’s the first day for most of the preschoolers in our area today, and Annabelle, Elliot, and I are going to start our routine, too. We’re not able to have friends in to join us until we finish one more inspection and a bit more waiting, but I figure we’ll get ourselves into the swing of things and work out some of the kinks in our own routine now. Annabelle is always eager to work with the Montessori materials, too, so it will be nice to spend some regular time in the classroom space again. To celebrate the arrival of fall for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and outside-of-home schoolers alike, I thought I’d start offering up some of the giveaways I’ve been working on for you all. Right now, the Back to [Home]School Giveaway Series is slated to last the month of September, with one giveaway each Tuesday, but I just might see if I can’t pull together a few things for October, too.

Annabelle with the Bissell Natural Sweep

Annabelle is in the silly photo face stage. She refuses to let me get a shot unless she’s doing something crazy ;)

For today’s giveaway, I’m excited to offer one of you a Bissell Natural Sweep. For years, I saw the carpet sweepers offered in the Montessori Services catalog, and wanted one for my classroom. I finally scored one for my classroom right at the end of my last year teaching, and wasn’t at all surprised to see it was in near constant use from then on. The children loved sweeping up in our circle area, whether it was actually dirty or not. I never bothered to pick one up for our home since we’ve always had tile or hardwood, for which a broom works just fine, but the new classroom has low pile carpet and I knew I wanted a simple, cordless sweeper the children could use to help care for the floors themselves. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to say yes to an offer to try out the Bissell Natural Sweeper, and so I did.

We received our Natural Sweep a few weeks ago, and Annabelle and Elliot were there to help me take it out of the box. I had expected Annabelle to be enthusiastic about our new cleaning tool, but at just a year old, I didn’t think Elliot would pay it much mind. It turns out, however, that even toddlers can use and enjoy the Natural Sweep. The sweeper was easy to assemble – we just had to screw the handle together and we were ready for action. The handle comes in four sections and, depending on how tall you would like it to be, you can use just two, three, or all four. For young toddlers, two sections would be great, but for three-and-a-half year old Annabelle’s sake, I have ours assembled with three. Adding the fourth section would make the height perfect for your average adult, and it’s no big deal to adjust the height for different people.

Elliot enjoyed looking on while Annabelle cleaned the brushes.

Elliot enjoyed looking on while Annabelle cleaned the brushes with the included brush comb.

Using the sweeper was a breeze. It stands up on its own when you’re not actively pushing and doesn’t require a lot of force when you are. The handle can go completely flat when you need to clean under furniture, and no cords means there’s nothing to get it caught on either. This is a great option for the classroom, since it makes little to no noise, and can therefore be used during work time without distracting others. I was surprised by how well the Natural Sweep actually cleaned our carpet, too. Since we haven’t had carpets of any kind for years, I don’t currently have an electric vacuum. I was going to invest in one as soon as we made the move here, but the Natural Sweep has allowed me to put that off. I am actually able to keep the classroom looking presentable with this tool alone. Now that classes are beginning, I’ll be getting a vacuum for a deeper clean, but I don’t think anyone would notice if I missed a day here and there. I don’t find that it works quite as wonderfully on our hardwood as it does on carpet, but I prefer a broom for the hard floors anyway.

Emptying the sweeper is fairly simple for an adult, though it may require more coordination than your average three or four year old has developed. You simply lift a plastic panel on the bottom of each side of the sweeper and shake the dust and debris into your waste bin. There’s also a handy brush comb that snaps in to the handle for storage. This can be used to clear the sweeper’s rotating brushes of lint, hair and other items that tend to get caught. It works surprisingly well, and I love that it’s just a part of the sweeper, so I can’t misplace it. For Annabelle, being able to clean the brushes more than made up for having to let me empty the dirt.

The size works pretty well for Elliot, too!

The size works pretty well for Elliot, too!

If you have low pile carpet or rugs in your home or classroom, I can definitely recommend the Bissell Natural Sweep for everyday cleaning jobs. As a teacher, I love seeing children empowered to clean up after themselves – and it helps a great deal with classroom management, too. As a Montessori mom, integrating Practical Life activities into our everyday life at home is important to me, and I find that providing tools like this one is a wonderful way to do that. Simple tools like this are wonderful for the sustainable home or classroom, too, as there is no electricity involved and there are no batteries to replace or dispose of. The Natural Sweep’s plastic parts are even recycled and PVC-free.

Buy It

The Bissell Natural Sweep retails for $29.99. You can buy your own directly from Bissell, or on Amazon where it’s currently on sale – and you can likely find it in a number of other stores near you.

Win It

You can enter to win your own Bissell Natural Sweep using the Rafflecopter entry system below. Unfortunately, they are only able to ship to US mailing addresses. International readers are more than welcome to enter and gift their sweeper to a friend here in the states, of course.


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  1. nichole

    Also my 2 1/2 year old girl would love this! We are also expecting our second child so it will definitely get plenty of use in our household!

  2. Rach

    Love the sweeper, and the sweepers! I remember ,my cousin had one of those when I was a child – I always wanted to play with it! I;m not entering the comp by the way – doubt they’d post it to the UK anyway lol!


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