Quick Last Day of School Idea

Mark the last day of school with a special book with an interview from each childToday was the last day of school for our Montessori program. To mark the occasion, I interviewed and photographed each child and put their answers and photos together, along with a couple of my favorite group shots. I finished the project just in time for today, so that we could read it together during our last group time. I sent a digital copy to each family so that they could print and enjoy the book over the summer, or just read it on their computers. I can’t post the whole thing, of course, but I thought I’d share Annabelle’s page.

This idea is especially good for our bunch, since the majority of us will be back together for fall classes. Next year, we can create a similar keepsake, and we’ll be able to compare each child’s pictures and thoughts from this first year. It will be neat to watch them grow in this way.

Do you have any favorite ideas for marking the end of a school year or another special milestone? I’d love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “Quick Last Day of School Idea

  1. Rach

    Ha, I want to roll around on the grass all summer too! Lovely idea. Happy holidays, woo hoo!
    No ideas I’m afraid, dontcha know I rely on you for those?!


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