What’s New: Spring Snow

Spring Snow at Vibrant WanderingsSome kind of Spring we’re having! Like much of the country, it seems, the first week of Spring meant snow for us. It was quite humorous, really, because we have been promised snow several times. The federal government and local schools have even closed in anticipation, but all we’ve really seen is a few flakes that soon turned to rain. This time, we got some real, wet, messy snow – and everything was open! We stayed home anyway, and used the weather as an excuse to drink hot chocolate and take it easy. Of course we had to get out a bit, and Annabelle thoroughly enjoyed playing in (and eating) the snow! We took advantage of the warmest day, even if it was still chilly, and did some walking in the city in hopes of spying some cherry blossoms. There’s not much to see yet, but Annabelle was happy for the chance to run around on the mall and look on as people flew kites. She took a break and removed her shoes to do some yoga beside the reflecting pool. 

Green Papaya Curry at Vibrant Wanderings

Eating, and loving some Green Papaya Curry

It seems like most of our days at home are filled with imaginative play. Annabelle chose some “doctor clothes” from her closet earlier this week and walked around with a long string that she called her “scope” – stetho-, feto-, or oto-, I’m not sure, but she was checking everyone and everything. She has been pretending to be various animals and wrapping herself up in blankets and towels, calling them her “lair.” Last night, she was a moth who started out as a caterpillar, and the covers on her bed were her cocoon. It’s quite fun to see what she comes up with spontaneously, from her own imagination.

The relationship between our two littles seems to be blooming just in time for Spring, too. Annabelle has had a rough time since Elliot was born, but all traces of those early challenges seem to have disappeared. When we wake up before her, Annabelle comes down the stairs and goes straight to her brother, greeting him cheerfully with a, “Good morning, sweet baby,” or a simple, “Hey, buddy!” We’re still working on gently responding to having toys taken, but role playing is a fun game to Annabelle, and seems to work wonderfully for that issue. Elliot laughs at everything Annabelle does, and smiles and goes straight to her each time she enters a room. I knew all along there was no need to, but I’ll admit I did worry at times that their relationship would always be troubled. Their bond took a bit of time to form, but it was worth the wait.

Elliot is busy, busy exploring everything from the soil in our houseplants to the magnets on the refrigerator, so we’re rearranging and watching him closely. His favorite toy at the moment is an egg shaker, and music in general seems to make him happier than anything else in life, short of the people he loves. He continues to be an enthusiastic eater, much more so than Annabelle ever was. He devours raw fruit and veggies and soft, curried ones equally, and he’s a fan of tempeh as well. I know he’ll be thrilled when we offer him some grains in a few weeks, too. He has been on a bit of a sleep strike lately, taking only one nap some days this week and sitting up in bed to chat once or twice during the night instead of nursing right back to sleep. I won’t be surprised one bit if we see some sort of developmental leap soon, although it could be the teeth!

Speaking of the sleep strike, it seems that this morning’s nap is only going to be half an hour long. Ah, well. On with the day! Tell me, though, what has been happening at your house this week?

2 thoughts on “What’s New: Spring Snow

  1. Rach

    It’s freezing here too! Love the fact that A’s imaginative play is all based in reality-nature and doctors. So meaningful. And I would swoon if B did yoga by a reflecting pool! E sounds so curious and sanguine. How lovely they have an improving relationship already. Sleep strikes though…ouch. Hang in there…

    1. melissa Post author

      I swooned, for sure! I think curious and sanguine sums E up perfectly. He’s a pleasure to be around.

      I hope it warms up for you soon! It’s finally starting to feel like Spring here today!


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