My Top 12 Montessori Posts from 2012

Top 12 Montessori in 2012I’m teaming up with Deb of Living Montessori Now,  Lisa Nolan’s Confessions of a Montessori MomSmiling Like Sunshine, and JDaniel4′s Mom to share our top twelve Montessori posts from 2012. I was originally planning to pull my top six from Google Analytics and then add my personal top six. When I ran the numbers, I found that all of my favorites were in the top 12 anyhow, so there’s no need to split them up. A few of these are only loosely Montessori related posts, but they have enough of a connection to the philosophy that I felt they belonged on the list.

By pageviews, here are my top 12 (however loosely) Montessori-related posts of 2012:

1. Bodily Autonomy and Sexual Abuse, with nearly 4,000 pageviews. This is not exactly a Montessori post, but the concept of respecting the child’s personal space and right to make choices about their own body is absolutely related to Montessori philosophy. This post sparked some wonderful discussion with both friends and strangers, and I was incredibly grateful for the thoughtful perspectives of others and the insights they gave me. 

2. Visiting Montessori’s First Casa dei Bambini had fewer than half the number of pageviews of the above post, but it’s by far my favorite post in the history of everything ever. It was such a magical experience for me, and I’ll forever be glad that I went for it – even alone and pregnant, with a toddler in tow it was well worth the journey!

3. Personal Care in a Montessori Home has been another popular post, and it’s one I’m happy to have seen shared. Even as a Montessori teacher, it’s easy for me to forget how capable my children are of engaging in their own self-care, but their independence is at least as important in this area as in any other.

4. Sharing, Turn Taking, and Fairness: A Montessori Perspective is another one that sparked some very thoughtful discussion, from which I learned a ton. I often find that I get just about as much as I put into some of these posts from the wise people who share their thoughts with me after I hit publish, and this one was no exception. I heard from some who shared the post that they and the other parents of young children in their lives breathed a collective sigh of relief after reading this, because they hadn’t felt quite right with the whole business of insisting that their children share in a certain way, but they had kept on thinking that others expected it. I’ll admit, I was afraid I’d be called a crazy person for my views on the subject, but I wasn’t! On other topics, however… ;)

5. Montessori Teacher vs. Montessori Mom: On Giving Attention is one where I reflect on the differences between Montessori teaching and Montessori parenting. Since becoming a parent, I have been really surprised by how much my views have changed on certain things. It has been such a paradigm shift! I’m interested to connect teacher me with mama me when we start meeting in the Children’s House next week.

6. The Montessori Method for Teaching the Letter Sounds has been a popular one, too, and I’m so glad to have the resource out there in the world. I received a request for a recorded pronunciation of the sounds after this one published, too, and I thought I’d blog it, but I was too embarrassed by my terrible camera personality and stumbly shyness, so I ended up only sharing the resulting video with the person who requested it. I guess I may as well embarrass myself now, in hopes that the link will be lost in this jumble of words anyway. It’s almost like a New Year’s Easter Egg – who will find it!?

7-9. Early Math and Language Skills Parts 1, 2, and 3 were part of the same series as the one above on introducing the letter sounds. I had a good deal of fun writing it, even if I did keep skipping weeks due to post-baby craziness.

10. Maria Montessori, Champion for Peace seems like it should be a bit higher on the list. I’m a little bummed that some of the materials and lessons she developed are more popular these days than Dr. Montessori’s overall message of education for peace, but I suppose the latter is a bit too nebulous to be pinned and shared like crazy. Either way, I’m glad to see this post made the list.

11. My For Small Hands Giveaway comes next on the list. Normally, I’d say giveaways don’t count, but I’m honored to have had the opportunity to share my genuine love for Montessori Services and For Small Hands with you this year. I truly only recommend things I can stand behind, and this company fits the bill. I spent many dollars ordering things for our classroom from them in the past few months, because they rock!

12. Setting Up a Montessori Children’s House: Where to Buy Materials is a notable addition to the list, since I only wrote it in late November, and yet it still has more pageviews than many of my Montessori posts from much earlier in the year. I have had some great feedback  since publishing this one, from people who have bought from various suppliers. I plan to compile it all in a follow-up post in the near-ish future, along with my thoughts on the materials I purchased for our room. Stay tuned!

I was interested, though not terribly surprised, to see that most of my top posts from the year were Montessori-related. I didn’t mean for this to be a Montessori blog when I started out. In fact, I already had a Montessori blog, but I tossed it aside to start blogging my parenting journey and Annabelle updates. Apparently you can’t take the Montessori out of the Melissa, so here we stand. With the new Big Dream and the new Children’s House community, I don’t think my Montessori posts will be decreasing in 2013, so I hope you’re all up for more!

Do you have a favorite, or perhaps 12 favorite Montessori posts of your own from 2012? Feel free to add your post to the linky below. I don’t know if we have official rules, but I’m pretty sure it’d be cool if you decided to pick your absolute, number one favorite and link that up instead if you don’t have the time for a full top 12 post.

3 thoughts on “My Top 12 Montessori Posts from 2012

  1. Deb @ Living Montessori Now

    What an exciting 2012 you had … and you have such an exciting year ahead, too, Melissa! I always enjoy reading your posts, and I’m really looking forward to following your new school. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page. Have a fabulous 2013! :)

  2. Jacqueline

    Thank you so much for posting that video of the Montessori beginning sounds. After she saw me watching it one day, my 2.5 year old daughter has asked to watch it several times. When she does, she picks up each letter and holds it facing outwards, like you do in the video.

    1. melissa Post author

      :) I’m embarrassed and honored all at the same time. I’m so glad the video has been useful, though – thank you for telling me!


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