Cultural Appreciation: The Multicultural Kids Blog Carnival


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Have you ever wondered how you might help your children explore the world and the diverse peoples who inhabit it? The Multicultural Kid Bloggers have shared some of the many ways they discover the world with their children. I have been so inspired by the women linked below in recent months, so I’m honored to share what they have to say about nurturing an appreciation of other cultures in this month’s Multicultural Kids Blogging Carnival.

MaryAnne of Mama Smiles explains that for her, “Food helps fill in the gaps. Every time we make a dish from a different country, my kids want to learn more about that country – and, so far at least, they even like the dishes I’ve tried! ” As an example, she shares a well-loved Swedish Pancake Recipe.

Becky at Kid World Citizen has made several resolutions for the New Year that relate to exploring culture with her kids. She says, “I truly believe that in order for our children’s generation to be successful in the 21st century, they must be able to understand different perspectives, communicate effectively across cultures, and collaborate with others. Investigating beyond our local community challenges critical thinking and opens our kids’ eyes to how interconnected our world is.” Visit Kid World Citizen to read Becky’s resolutions.

As it is, there are three cultures and three languages to hold onto and maintain a connection with in Olga of European Mama‘s family. Even so, they strive to learn about other cultures because, “we think that if the children learn to accept other cultures, they will accept ours as well. And as much as we want the children to be rooted in our cultures, we also want them to feel at ease in an intercultural environment.” Check out her post to read about the ways they work toward helping their children, “feel at home wherever life will take them.”

abcs ofThis month, Leanna of All Done Monkey has been posting the ABC’s of Raising a World Citizen, which is an incredible wealth of resources for anyone looking for more ways to explore world cultures with their children, or for themselves. Visit All Done Monkey to find the links to the different parts of this awesome series.

Living in the midst of another culture is a great way to teach a love for and appreciation of it. Jody of Mud Hut Mama says, “We try to learn as much as we can about the culture and customs where we are living (currently Malawi).” She shares one activity they did to learn about the Folktale of Kalulu (a Scrub Hare) in the moon. Click through to read A Scrub Hare, An African Folktale, and a Craft.

At Discovering the World Through my Son’s Eyes, Frances talks about her family’s participation in the Worlwide Culture Swap. She says that  “Participating is a fun and tangible way of  learning to appreciate other cultures through the items we have received.” You can see some of the goodies from their packages and read more about their experience with the swaps in Learn and Play Through Culture Packages.

Travel is one of the most tangible ways to explore life in other cultures, but it can be cost prohibitive and logistically challenging – especially for families with young children. Jill of Moms Gone Global has found a brilliant solution to this problem, and you can read all about it in her post How Our Family Took a Day Trip to Greece.

worldfromatozValerie of Glittering Muffins understands how hard it can be to see as much as you’d like of the world with young children, too. To bridge the gap, she has created three different collaborative series. Check out her post to learn more about how she has gone Around the World in 12 Dishes, explored with Kids on the Go, and discovered The World From A-Z – and how you can, too!

Living in Southeast Asia, Multilingual Mama doesn’t have to seek out opportunities to expose her girls to rich cultural experiences – they’re just a natural part of everyday life. Read more in Bindis and Buddhists: How My Girls See the World.

You can also check out yesterday’s post right here, about the importance of Celebrating the Beauty in Others.

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How do you nurture a love for the beauty and diversity of the world in your home? I’d love to hear your take, too!

8 thoughts on “Cultural Appreciation: The Multicultural Kids Blog Carnival

  1. Olga @The EuropeanMama

    Such a lovely post, and a great summary of all these great posts written! Thank you so much for hosting the Carnival this month, and for including my post! It was such fun to think about cultural appreciation (something that is always on my mind, but I never wrote this down like this), and to participate!

  2. Rach

    Oh fab, will read these. As a child of what was a monocultural island on Europe’s edge, I really need to learn more myself about world cultures too!

  3. Taylor

    I love the idea of cooking a meal from a country and then discussing that country. My first kid is on the way and I look forward to trying this out. I’m sure we’ll all learn a lot. Thanks for the great post!


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