An Update and a Promise

I have been writing this blog for nearly two and a half years now, and just over a year here on my own domain. I write for the love of it, and for the community, and have always felt that this was reward enough. I still do, in fact. Writing has been my hobby, my therapy, and so much more. It has saved me on days when I desperately needed a connection to the adult world. It has also taken a good portion of my time, and it has also taken a small slice from our budget. The domain and hosting aren’t free, after all.

As I move forward with some of my long held goals, I’m seeing that it’s time for me take myself more seriously and to assign more value to the work that I do. I have always avoided affiliate programs and all other forms of monetization on my site, because I don’t want there to be any question as to how genuine my words are. In reality, though, I’m human and as such am surely biased regardless of any affiliations. I link to companies and products all the time and my lack of an affiliate connection with them isn’t really proving anything. It’s just stubbornness that has me providing free advertising that I pay to put on the web. A bit silly, isn’t it?

Preparing to start this Montessori program has finally pushed me to create a couple of affiliate accounts. I’m providing materials for our group and donating my time and skills as a teacher for several months, which is completely and totally fine with me because it’s something I absolutely love doing, something that will benefit Annabelle now, and something that will likely benefit me and many others in the long term. It’s a decision I put much thought into. Even so, as yet another project for which I have to take from our family’s financial resources without replenishing them in an immediate or tangible way, it has caused me to re-think how I manage this blog.

This may be more information than you need, but I am so thankful for those of you who visit me regularly, and for the connections we have built. I want to keep you in the loop so you know precisely where I’m coming from when I make recommendations. I don’t plan to change anything about the way I blog, or to begin blogging for money. I don’t expect any of this to pay my bills either, except maybe the bill for hosting. I’m just going to provide some avenues for compensation, which start now with two affiliate accounts: one with amazon and one with Montessori Services. I hope that those of you who have been around awhile have come to know me well enough that you can trust that I won’t recklessly link  to products just to make a buck. Know that if you shop through my links, a bit of your money will go to supporting this site as well as our little classroom, and I’ll be incredibly grateful for it. If ever you have questions or feel overly marketed to, please feel free to chat with me. I have updated my disclosure statement and you’ll start to see disclosures at the bottom of posts, too.

Thanks for understanding, and for being such an inspiring and encouraging bunch.


9 thoughts on “An Update and a Promise

  1. Rach

    Of course! Thanks for caring to explain though! And I am surprised to hear you are not charging for your Montessori group, but I’m sure you have very good reasons. I’d pay a million squid for you to host a group for me though!!!

    1. melissa Post author

      A million squid sounds great! Do you provide housing? ;) Seriously, that’s really sweet of you to say. I do have reasons, and I feel like they’re sound … eventually I’ll make a little something.

  2. Melissa Vose

    I think this is an excellent decision that makes a ton of sense. Thoughtful advertising is actually cool with me, because I become familiar with companies and products I would never have known without it. =) Valuing the work we women do is pretty close to my heart. You’re awesome pants.

    1. melissa Post author

      Thanks for the support – you’re pretty awesome yourself, so it means a lot coming from you. We will eventually structure it in a way that lets me take home a paycheck, yes!


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