What’s New: Sibling Love

imageI have neglected this space for the past week while enjoying a four day weekend with the husband – and the children, too, of course. We went to a local fall festival long enough to ride the carousel and then ducked back into the car to avoid the rain, ate the daddy’s homemade pizza, warmed up with more hot chocolate, found perfect little pumpkins at the farmer’s market, collected the prettiest leaves we could find, and just had a grand time overall. My obsession with autumn continues. We also had to turn on our heat for the first time, and I realized I have no idea where I’ve put my winter coat, or if I even kept one from my days as a Colorado girl. It’s about time I figure that out.

Listening to Annabelle talk these days is a little bit like an out of body experience. She’s incredibly well-spoken, and sounds so very grown up all of the sudden. It’s hard to believe sometimes that she’s really the same child who has been with us all this time. On our walk home from the farmer’s market this weekend, I followed along behind her as she recited poems about autumn and chatted nonstop about tractors and animals and other things she loves. I don’t know why I’m still surprised when she recites entire pages of poetry without missing a single word. I love that she so enjoys language. She has been obsessed with beginning sounds, too, since we started playing “I Spy.” As I was serving my salad last night, she informed us all that “le starts with lettuce!” She has been pointing out the few letters that she recognizes in books as we read, especially “A for Annabelle(!),” and numbers, too. I didn’t realize she recognized any numerals until this week, when she pointed out 4 and 5, and I’ve been curious to see what others she may know.


Crashed out on the couch after a taxing visit to the carousel.

Elliot is quite the talker as well. It’s not news that cooing is one of the more adorable things on this planet, but I’m pretty sure Elliot’s could stop hearts. It’s a challenge to accomplish anything if he’s awake and not nursing, and who would want to, really? He’s fine with being put down these days as long as someone is sitting with him and looking him in the eyes. He loves to stare, smile, and chat at anyone who catches his gaze. I have made at least 20 attempts to capture the sweetness of his voice, but he’s always winding down by the time I pull the camera out. I did catch this video, which I do love because not only does Elliot make some noise, but you can hear Annabelle running laps and chattering away in the background. There’s no one else there, just A chatting to herself and apparently pretending to be a pony.

In just a week, Elliot will officially be three months old and I think his presence in our lives has finally begun to feel somewhat normal to Annabelle, who I think genuinely enjoys him more than she feels thrown off by him now. It took time, but I’m so glad to see her embracing this sibling gig. He’s pretty taken with her, too. He typically spends dinner either nursing or chilling on my lap and, when on my lap, he stares at his sister intently and smiles, whether she’s paying attention to him or not. The primary reason I wanted two children was because I want them to have each other, so it makes me giddy to see their relationship taking form. Before I know it, they’ll be reciting poetry and talking tractors together.

Over to you – How was your week? Don’t forget to link up if you have your own update post, be it words, pictures, or a bit of both!

It’s love.


She was too distracted by the beautiful texture of the cornmeal to finish making cornbread with me, so I gave her some on a plate, plus a chopstick for drawing. Messy fun!


Stopped in the middle of taking her shirt off: “That’s your headband. Mama, take a picture!”

Chilling with his Gobbi.


Forgot to share this one last week. Remember the kind of week we had? A little toddler wearing during baby brother’s naptime was a big help ;)

15 thoughts on “What’s New: Sibling Love

  1. Amy

    I’m so happy to hear that Annabelle is adjusting to Elliot’s presence in your lives lately. I know that must be a really difficult transition for a little person, and it sounds like you all did your absolute best during this time.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time at the festival! We haven’t done many Fall activities yet, but I’m hoping there will be a few pumpkins and maybe some apple picking in our near future.

    The language development is blowing me away over here, too! I can hardly believe how much Daniel knows and understands, and whenever he points out a letter (and an accompanying word) he knows, I’m always surprised and delighted. Where does the time go?!
    Amy recently posted..Week 37: Cowboy Hats and Rotary PhonesMy Profile

    1. melissa Post author

      Thanks, Amy! It’s really neat to see them together now that life has slowed down a bit.

      I’ll be looking forward to maybe seeing some festive fall photos of you all in future weeks. I have noticed in some of your videos that Daniel’s language skills are really expanding – so cool to see! :)

  2. Laura

    I am so glad to hear they are already building sibling’s relationship and love!! We seem to be undergoing a stage of pre-birth anxiety and in the evenings it is a bit crazy around here… M acts as if she were a baby, yelling and being unable to speak, however verbal she is normally. Did anything like that happen to you?
    Sorry I misspelt “friendship” in the title of my linked post and I can’t change it now!!!

    1. melissa Post author

      Annabelle was definitely emotional and obviously anxious at different times before and after Elliot came. She really acted like a baby, just told us that she was one and asked to held like one or nursed like one. The same, but different I guess. It’s a lot to understand and take in for such a small person, I’m sure, but she’ll see that your love is unchanging and balance will be restored soon! xo

      Oh, and I make plenty of spelling errors myself – no worries! ;)

  3. Amy

    Cooing is adorable! It’s amazing how much he’s grown! I’m amazed that A is reciting poetry. I just finished reading Legendary Learners last night, and it mentioned that Toni Morrison suggests that everyone memorize at least one poem so that when times get tough or you need a break, you have something to serve as your foundation. Annabelle is ahead of me in that one!

    1. melissa Post author

      I forgot how adorable cooing was, and it has been killing me! Legendary Learners sounds like an interesting read. Would you recommend it?

      1. Amy

        I did like the book. I can’t say that it was well written, per say, or that
        any ideas were ground-breaking. But, it’s a quick read, and I always like
        books that introduce me to other books, and this was certainly did that.
        Also, dh read it, and it totally got him on board with homeschooling, so I
        recommend it from that perspective.

  4. teresa

    That video had me in a puddle of remembered baby-times… He is dreamy!! And Anabelle in the backround was perfection. So much like my girl….
    A. is clearly a genius.
    That last photo with you in it is great. We don’t get to see you as often as the little ones. You look so lovely.
    Great idea to give her some special time.

  5. Janine

    As things go, I’d say that 3 months is pretty damn quick for a tot to adjust to a brand new sibling! That’s great to hear.

    Sebastian is very much into letters and shapes lately. He likes to ‘draw’ big circles with his hands and say “OOOOOO”, and to point out letters wherever we go. He still doesn’t speak many words, and I think that letters are more fascinating to him as shapes than as language, but it’s a start and it’s a lot of fun!


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