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Please continue reading to learn more about Stubby Pencil Studio, which is offering our readers a giveaway of a box of eco friendly art supplies valued at $60.

About Stubby Pencil Studio

Stubby Pencil Studio is an online shop specializing in quality, earth friendly art materials, school supplies, and unique gifts for children. The company was founded by Kate who, inspired by her twin girls, continues to run it today. Literally everything in my daughter’s collection of art supplies comes from Stubby Pencil Studio and it’s a company I have remained loyal to for a number of reasons. Not only are the items Kate sells high quality and mindfully sourced, but they’re truly non toxic and safe. I love knowing that if Annabelle sticks her paint brush in her mouth during the creative process, what she’s swallowing is plant based – even gluten free and vegan!

Another thing that keeps me coming back is the incredible customer service. I’ll tell you a little story: my friend Nicole and I placed orders for art materials together a few times, so that we could share shipping. Because we were both ordering, our orders were rather large, and I received an email from Kate shortly after I placed one. She had a coupon code available that I hadn’t heard about and therefore hadn’t used. I had already paid for my order, but without my even asking, she refunded 15% of my money anyway. I was already hooked because of the great products, but that interaction sealed the deal. It’s abundantly clear that Kate is among those rare business owners who truly love what they do, care about their customers, and always remain true to their own business ethics. When it comes to items Kate carries I won’t buy anywhere else!

About Stubby Pencil Studio’s Eco Friendly Art Materials

For the lucky winner of this giveaway, Stubby Pencil Studio is offering a fantastic selection of goodies for you and/or your little artist, or for holiday gift giving. The package includes: a watercolor set, a box of FSC certified colored pencils, vegan and gluten free sidewalk chalk, a set of Glob natural blends paints, a sweet little holiday bag of crayon rocks, and even a set of four amazing, eco friendly highlighters that are great for any school aged child or adult. My favorite artist, two and a half year old Annabelle, and I have been enjoying all of these for the past few weeks and they are awesome!

Eco Friendly Colored Pencils

In the past, we have used and loved the Alpino Baby Pencils. Now that she’s just over two and a half, my daughter has developed an interest in letters and has been creating increasingly more deliberate and detailed drawings, so I was ready to offer her a set of standard sized pencils to replace her old ones. As I expected, these were a hit! Made from FSC Certified California Incense-cedar wood, they feel amazing in your hands and are such a beautiful sight, too. They’re the perfect colored pencil! The colors are rich and we’ve had no problems with breakage or anything else at all.

Watercolor  Preschool Set

As a former Montessori early childhood teacher, I have extensive experience with watercolors, and I have to tell you: I was never too crazy about them as a material for the youngest children. Of course all art materials are messy, and that’s okay – wonderful even. The thing with watercolors is that they tend to be frustratingly messy. There’s a fine line between wet enough to work properly and so wet that the colors are running into one another, and it’s not a line that preschoolers have an easy time walking. It’s a bummer when you’re trying to paint and your colors are running all over the place and mixing when you don’t mean for them to. It’s tough to remember to rinse your brush every time you want to switch colors, too. I seriously love these watercolors, though. The cakes of paint are much larger than on your standard craft store set of children’s watercolors, and the white space between them is larger as well, which means that even if things get real and there’s paint running all over, it’s harder for the colors to mix accidentally. Because the colors are so bright and the surface area so great, it’s also easy to see when you forget to rinse the brush, and there’s not nearly so irreversible a mess as with other sets when this happens either.

Natural Blends Paint

These paints from Glob are the only thing my daughter used prior to her introduction to watercolors a few weeks back, and we love them! They come in little packets of powder that you can mix with water to the desired thickness. There are so many things I love about them, too! The colors all come from food and plant sources and they smell wonderful. They’re not edible in the sense that they’re made to be eaten, but there’s absolutely nothing in them that I would worry about my toddler eating. I also love that you can mix only as much as you need, so there are no big containers to store. It’s great to be able to decide on the thickness of the paint, and alter it to suit your project. The powder is useful for coloring other things, like homemade play dough, too.  My daughter has always been big on putting things in her mouth, and I knew when I gave her something to paint with, she would inevitably be tasting it, so I have always been incredibly grateful for Glob paints. I’ll never forget the first time I turned my back when she was painting. I went to wash something at the sink and by the time I turned around again, she had gulped down the entire dish! I was so glad that I had chosen her first paints carefully, and I still think they’re pretty wonderful!

Kate also sells the most perfect little bamboo paint brushes that are just the right size for small hands. Annabelle is using one of hers in the photo above.

Veggie Sidewalk Chalk

We love this organic, veggie sidewalk chalk! It’s vegan, wheat free, sugar free, and lead and preservative free. Even though it’s not intended as food, it’s safe enough to eat, so there’s no need to worry about letting little ones explore and create with all five of their senses. The colors are fantastic, but I will say some of them aren’t quite as vivid as those found in conventional sidewalk chalk. I prefer more natural, muted colors to fluorescents anyhow, but everyone has different preferences. Either way, I feel like it’s well worth choosing this chalk over any other simply because of its ingredients. It’s the perfect size and shape for little hands, too! Not only does Annabelle love it, but so do our neighbors, who have loved drawing with her in our driveway.

Crayon Rocks

I’ve mentioned before how wonderful crayon rocks are for developing the pincer grasp in young children, but we also love them for their portability and beauty. I always keep a little bag of them in my purse as something to do when we find ourselves stuck waiting someplace. These particular crayons are also made of soy wax and colored with mineral tints, which means I don’t have to worry when my toddler takes a bite out of one. Oops! With my curious girl, I would be much more familiar with the good folks over at Poison Control if it weren’t for Stubby Pencil Studio.

I adore this little holiday set. It comes ready for gifting in a little green drawstring bag, with a ready to fill tag attached.

Eco Highlighters

It’s a bummer to admit, but as I have learned ways to live more sustainably, there are some things I’ve continued to use without even stopping to think that there might be alternatives. Seeing these little beauties was an “aha!” moment for me. I’m a list maker and I love using color to organize my work. I make an effort to avoid plastic consumption and exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) elsewhere in my life, but until I discovered these lovely wooden highlighter pencils, I was still color coding my grocery lists with things I really don’t want anywhere near my kitchen.

I was a tad skeptical about the idea of a highlighter in pencil form, but I love everything about these. The colors are highlighter bright, the pencils are chunky enough to work quickly, but not so chunky that you can’t create a fine line, and since there’s no ink, they can’t bleed through pages. I love the feel of the natural wood, too. I won’t ever go back to plastic highlighters again.


You can purchase your own art materials and much more at Stubby Pencil Studio. The items on this list add up to a retail value of just under $60, but individual items start at as low as $4.95. For your holiday gift giving, you’ll surely appreciate Kate’s great selection of gifts under $10, too. Shipping is done through the USPS and is based on the size of your order, but starts at $4.95 for small domestic (US) orders.

And just for Natural Parents Network and Vibrant Wanderings readers, Stubby Pencil Studio is giving a 15% discount on all orders from now through November 30th. Enter code SAVE15 during the ordering process. Kate always seems to be offering fun freebies that would make excellent stocking stuffers, too.

Since we’re such Stubby Pencil Studio junkies, I have to give a shout out to some of our other favorite items. The  jumbo felt pens are the perfect marker for small hands. The caps go on and off easily, the short but wide shape is easy for little ones to hold, and the colors are beautiful! I love the range of colors in the set, too. We have had ours for well over a year and they’re showing no signs of running out of ink. The rich and smooth colors of the regular (not rock shaped, that is) soy wax crayons are a treat, and the beeswax crayons, which come in a perfect little cloth bag, are irresistible! They are the only crayon for which I think the word luxurious applies. I haven’t been displeased with a single thing from this shop, actually. Kate seems to have a knack for finding high quality materials you and your families will love!


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  1. Amy

    My baby isn’t even born yet and I know it will be quite the little creative artist! I am looking forward to providing my child with great products to make whatever their heart desires! so fun!

  2. Amanda

    Having good quality art supplies is sooo important!! Especially in a preschool where cheap quality art supplies wear out too fast and get expensive. Can’t wait for my son to start doodling everywhere too! :)


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