Montessori Language Objects + Win $50 to Spend at Montessori Services

If you know me, you know that I only do giveaways with sponsors I know and love, and Montessori Services definitely falls into that category. Their catalog is an excellent source of ready made Practical Life activities, beautiful child-sized items for creating your own classroom (or homeschool) activities, and essentials for preparing the environment such as baskets, trays, and rugs. They also have wonderful enrichment materials for every area of the Montessori curriculum, including language, which we’ve been talking about a lot lately here at Vibrant Wanderings. I love their products, and I really love knowing that I’m supporting a small, woman and mom run business when I buy them.

When I worked in the Montessori Children’s House, I sometimes felt not only like a guide and a caretaker of the children’s environment, but also like the curator of a large collection of small objects. You see, I was constantly on the lookout for mini versions of everyday things, useful tools that were scaled down so that they fit comfortably into a child’s hand. Items like this are the staple of the Practical Life area, but very small objects have a special use in the language area as well, and Montessori Services has done the legwork to put together an extensive collection of language objects that covers every letter sound and many other phonemes as well. I wish I’d had this set when I first began making my language curriculum. It would have saved me a tremendous amount of time and money, too, by giving me all of the objects I needed to create most of my language boxes.

In addition to the 100 objects that make up this collection, Montessori Services offers a free printable that allows you to make your own accompanying labels. If you’re looking to save time, there’s also the option of ordering a ready-made, laminated set for a mere $5.95. I love that most of the objects will be familiar to most children. The fruit and small animals are some of my favorites, and my daughter and I both love the little vacuum cleaner and the tiny red wagon. Of course when you’re looking for words that begin with specific sounds or include certain phonemes, you have to get a bit more obscure, and Montessori Services has done a wonderful job of collecting a variety of objects to fill that need as well.

So what do you use them for?

The I Spy Game1

Playing “I Spy”

This is the first place they typically come out in the classroom. I’ve been noticing signs of readiness for this activity in my daughter, so I was eager to receive our set of objects and share them with her. I put just a handful of the objects in a basket, taking care to choose only ones I thought Annabelle would be able to identify immediately. I wasn’t sure about the vacuum, as the model that comes with this object set is rather old fashioned, but Annabelle knew exactly what it was and thought it was pretty cool, too. She absolutely loved playing the game, and since it was for home use, I think it was to my advantage that all of the objects were new. If I had brought together small things from around the house instead, I think she would have been less excited and eager to dive into play. Instead, she has asked to play multiple times every day this week. It was definitely the right timing for her and, with these objects, the perfect set-up!

Early Writing and Reading Activities

Pink Box 3

Once children have mastered the I Spy game and learned the letter sounds using the Sandpaper Letters, they typically move on to work with the Large Moveable Alphabet. The first language boxes include only objects, and the children use the LMA box to write (build) the name of each object. Things differ slightly by training, but the objects in the first boxes nearly always correspond with three letter phonetic words, and the Montessori Services set includes a great variety of these (ant, cat, box, bag, cup, bug, bat, can, fan, lid, mat, jet, jug, etc). Later on, children build words based on objects shown in pictures, then match objects with words before matching words and pictures.

As children progress through the language curriculum, there are many other activities using small objects, such as the singular and plural boxes, and boxes focusing on specific blends and phonemes, so objects always come in handy.

Other Areas

Color matching with language objects

While these objects were collected with language activities in mind, they have plenty of applications elsewhere. In my last classroom, I created a very popular color matching activity as an extension of Color Box 2 using small objects and squares of craft foam. In the cultural area, many teachers create sorting activities for concepts like  land and water, something that many of the small animals in this set would be wonderful for. Other sorting activities for pre language might include sorting animals from food, or kitchen items from things one would use outdoors. The applications for small objects in the classroom are endless, really.

In Conclusion

I would recommend this set of objects to any new teacher or homeschooling parent looking to create a Montessori-inspired language curriculum. Even seasoned teachers are likely to find them useful for rounding out an existing curriculum, adding variety (a wonderful point of interest!), or replacing objects that go missing, get broken, or are simply outdated. It is incredibly useful and wonderful to have on hand! In my excitement over the additions to my collection of miniature objects, I had to take some close up photos of a selection of favorites from the Montessori Services set (at left). The images may give a distorted view of the actual size of each item, but all of these would fit comfortably into any language box or basket. You can get a sense of their actual size on Montessori Services’ website, where many of them are conveniently shown alongside a ruler.



Get Your Own

This Language Object Starter Set is available from Montessori Services for $59.95. I actually counted 101 objects in my set, which means it evens out to just over 59 cents per object – a pretty good deal in my book, especially when you factor in the time it takes to hunt for small items that meet a specific criteria. If you only need a small number of objects, you can also buy many individually for anywhere from 20 cents to $1.95. You may also be interested to check out other items in the language category on Montessori Services’ Site, which even includes some language boxes complete with labels. I can vouch for the quality and durability of their labels as well.

For those of you who work with a group of students, there’s also an opportunity to earn credit for use toward these or other products from Montessori Services through their School Credit Promotion, which you can read more about here. When I was last teaching, many of our families ordered holiday gifts for their children from For Small Hands and designated our school as the credit recipient, which allowed me and my fellow teachers to order a number of free items for our classrooms. It was a win-win – the children got Montessori friendly toys for home use, and we earned free materials. Home schools and homeschool associations are eligible, too, so you can always drop a hint to the grandparents and other family members who want to buy gifts for your children at the holidays. They can do their usual shopping and earn you credit for items you’ll use in your school at the same time.

Enter to Win

Using the rafflecopter form below, you can enter to win a $50 gift certificate from Montessori Services. Use it for your own set of language objects, or anything else that sparks your interest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a complimentary set of language objects from Montessori Services for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own. Links within this post are affiliate links. When you shop through my links, a portion of your money goes to cover the cost of hosting for Vibrant Wanderings and offering ideas and information on Montessori. Your support is appreciated!

  1. I talk about this one here

44 thoughts on “Montessori Language Objects + Win $50 to Spend at Montessori Services

  1. Fine and Fair

    From the For Small Hands Site, I already have (and LOVE) the Classic Rainbow Skwish toy. At nearly 3 years old, my daughter still likes to play with it. The little lock box also looks like a great way to help encourage fine motor skills!

  2. Stefanie

    A glass pitcher with a lid! I have been looking for exactly that thing, with matching glasses. So, that’s my favorite thing.

  3. Victoria

    I love the Peg loom with wool yarn because it shows how fabrics are made. I’m really into the fabric process and i’d love for my kids to learn about it as well – first hand!

  4. Victoria

    I am really excited about all the books they have on the small hands site… I think my daughter would love the Tidy up book and the getting dressed book!

  5. Alisha

    I love Montessori Services, especially the practical life things that are actually the right size for my little guy’s hands!

  6. Alisha

    They have the Learning Tower on for Small Hands. I have been contemplating getting one for my son, or fudging an imitation one.

  7. MrsWJAA

    I personally love all of the food prep supplies, since cooking is something I enjoy, and would like for my children to be able to participate in… I especially like the cutting and slicing tools because they are much safer than just handing the (very young) child a regular kitchen knife to practice with..

  8. MrsWJAA

    I love the garden tools set on Small Hands.. They seem to be more like real tools that will last if cared for, not like the cheap plastic ones that you get at most stores.. These would be great for the children to help out and keep them out of trouble while I’m busy in the garden..


    I also love all of the memory and matching games on For Small Hands. I would like a ,ot of them but the first one I’d buy (because of my daughters age) is the Bead Sequencing Set. I already have the card game “Set” and love it!

  10. Michelle Denny

    I would love to have the Language Objects! We have a long ride to Montessori school each morning and we try and play the I spy game with things we see from the car but having a basket of objects would be so much fun and really a fabulous way to spend our commute!

  11. Michelle Denny

    Oops I was supposed to comment on something other than Language objects, sorry! I found have to say I’m always drawn to the kitchen tools, I have a few but I would love a full baking and chopping set, and cutting boards and bowls that are child’s size too!

  12. Michelle Denny

    I also love For Small Hands! It’s so hard to choose one thing! I love the 3D feel and find, citiblocks, pattern play but I also love the clothesline, the loom and the real building tools!

  13. Nabiha

    I love the practical life trays they have set up….they really inspire me to go set up some of my own, albeit not as aesthetically as theirs.

  14. Danielle

    Oh, what a great idea. This set is a wonderful tool for oral language development! The little items could be used in a ‘mystery box’. Once an item is pulled out and named, it could be categorized. Living vs non-living would make a great preschool science lesson!

  15. lori

    For small hands has some great products too. My favorite are the hard to find small wavy chopper, memory caps, quirkle, and moma up close art cards.

  16. Tracey M.

    Yah! I new website for me to explore! I don’t think I have ever been to this website before and I spent an hour looking through all the wonderful items they carry this morning. If I were to win this gift certificate, I would love to purchase the conjunction and article game or the checkerboard mat. I love the continent books and countries of the world game. Thank you for posting this giveaway.
    God bless,
    Tracey M.

  17. Tracey M.

    I went to the For Small Hands website and also saw several great items. I would love the bead sequencing set, skeleton model, pocket microscope, and Birds of North America Memory Game. There were several other bird products of interest that would complement my daughter’s bird unit study and science curriculum.


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