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Mini Review: Montessori Letter and Number Work

Annabelle exploring Montessori: Number Work

I was thrilled when, in the middle of my Montessori Early Math and Language Series, I learned of two new board books from Bobby and June George, founders of Baan Dek Montessori. Montessori: Letter Work and Montessori: Number Work  meet a need that I have felt for many years. I only wish they had been around when I was still in the classroom!

You see, for years I have flipped through every alphabet book I could find in hopes that one day I would discover one whose illustrations begin with the same sounds we teach in Montessori. I never did. Finally, I have found just that in Montessori: Letter Work. Not only does it offer an appropriate illustration for each letter, but the letters are made of fine sandpaper, which can be traced by the child as he or she reads the book. My only complaint is that the book’s text offers phonetic spellings of each letter sound, and these attach a vowel to each consonant. So the sound for b is spelled as ‘buh.’ The book is incredibly valuable despite this small flaw, which some may argue is not a flaw at all. I will simply pronounce the sounds in just the way I was trained to when I read it, and the book will surely serve as a wonderful tool when Annabelle and Elliot are ready for it.

Montessori: Number Work, as you may have guessed, includes pages with numerals of fine sandpaper, just like the letters in Letter Work. The corresponding illustration for each one depicts the appropriate number of objects, giving children an opportunity to connect quantities with numerals. Both books are clean, simple, and visually appealing. I’d definitely recommend them to any teacher or parent of young children.


Edit: Thanks to Krissy for mentioning The Red Letter Alphabet Book as another option :)


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4 thoughts on “Mini Review: Montessori Letter and Number Work

  1. Krissy Beoka

    These books are an exciting contribution to the Montessori world.

    Montessori Services/For Small Hands also offers a phonetic alphabet book “The Red Letter Alphabet Book” from Montessorian Ellen Gould. It has velvety flocked letters and is paired with quaint line drawings of items representing the sounds.


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