My Farewell Mother Baby Blessing

Photo (and henna) credit: Amanda of Gaia Eco Solutions

On one of our last Saturdays on Guam, the amazing mothers I had gotten to know through Garden Day got together and made me feel like the luckiest woman alive. I’m not really sure what to call the gathering they had for me, but it made me feel incredibly blessed, so I suppose a Mother Blessing is the closest thing. To any who were a part of it and may be reading this, I can’t say how incredibly grateful I am to know you, and to have you in my life – even if only from a distance now. All day long, I kept looking around at the people surrounding me, thinking, “Is it possible that I could ever find such an incredible group of talented, generous, caring women again?” There are amazing women everywhere, of course, but it’s a rare thing to find so many in community with one another. In the past I have dreamed of pulling together and introducing all of the amazing women I know, but on Guam, they were already friends and I’m honored that they shared that friendship with me, too.

Unfortunately, I mistakenly sent my camera charger with the movers and didn’t realize until my battery nearly died just before the get together, so I wasn’t able to get photos of my own. Many cameras were present, and some photos are headed my way eventually, but I wanted to write about the day before it becomes too distant a memory. So there’s just one for this post, but you can rest assured that the memory has been preserved in photos!

I wasn’t involved in the planning of the day, so I simply arrived as scheduled and was greeted by the beautiful faces of friends. The same wonderful friend who allowed us to use her paradise of a back yard for Annabelle’s first birthday party was hosting and happens to be an incredible cook, who has also become famous for her amazing vegan ice creams, so the finishing touches were being put on some mouth-watering food when I showed up. Everyone else who came had prepared a special vegan dish as well, and once all were gathered we sat at the table together and dug in. The food was incredible!

Once we had all made a plate of food, everyone went around the table and shared blessings and wisdom with me for the transitions to come. Every other woman present has two or more children already, so I felt incredibly honored to hear from them and was so touched by the sweet things they said.

After lunch, we headed outside where I was to have my belly blessed with the beautiful work of my friend Amanda, who makes her own henna. Did I mention I have some incredibly talented women in my life? Before doing the henna, however, she washed and moisturized my feet while I relaxed to the wonderful feeling of having my hair brushed. All the while, sweet little girls from the younger generation were picking flowers from the garden and bringing them to me.

In the meantime, another amazing mama friend set up a massage table and some wonderful food-based concoctions. Once the henna was finished, I was treated to a relaxing Thai massage and a facial. With the pampering complete, the vegan ice creams were served, along with an almost too pretty to eat cake from a local bakery. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing outside, chatting, and enjoying the breeze with some refreshing smoothies made by yet another generous and talented friend. Before I knew it, it was dinnertime and I headed home to my family feeling more relaxed and blessed than I think I ever have, before or since. I have never been particularly good at accepting the kindness of others, but it’s something I have been working on and this was the best practice I’ve ever gotten in doing so. I spent an entire day steeped in kindness and love, and it has stuck with me through this transition, and sustained me through a time when I would otherwise be feeling a bit bummed out by the lack of friends nearby.

One of my Goddesses

Not only did my local friends completely and totally spoil me, but some of the women I have had the pleasure of meeting through this space have also helped to make me feel loved and supported as I prepare for this next baby’s arrival, and it’s both humbling and touching all at once, to have people who are so willing to shower me with love. Tree of Spirit Grooves made me two of the most gorgeous necklaces to wear, and also to use as focus objects during my birth if I wish, and she sent them along just because she’s so incredibly sweet. Along with the necklaces, she sent some wonderful candles that have made for many a relaxing bath, and a bag of gemstones for Annabelle. Keep an eye out, by the way, because there just might be a giveaway of one of Tree’s unique and gorgeous Birth Goddess Pendants in the near future.

When Annabelle was born, I knew I had people thinking of me, and I had the in-person support of my super birth partner of a husband, but it’s such a different feeling going into this birth. The support of some truly wise and loving women has sustained me through my first two and a half years as a mother, and just knowing they’re there and they believe in me is incredibly empowering and has me even more eager to embrace this next phase than I thought I would be.

And with that I say, come join us whenever you’re ready, baby – we’re waiting for you!

12 thoughts on “My Farewell Mother Baby Blessing

  1. Janine

    Oh, that is so lovely! I don’t have any group of friends who are ‘crunchy’ enough to do a Blessingway – Too bad, because I love the idea!

    I am the same as you – I feel really awkward being the center of attention and letting myself be taken care of. I had two showers for Sebastian – one by Donny’s side of the family, and one for my side that I essentially planned myself. Who does that? I felt ridiculous leading the party at my own shower.

    You are a gorgeous, amazing mama and deserve to be pampered! Also, I must say, that henna looks so striking on your fair skin!

    1. melissa Post author

      Aw, man, it’s really awkward when you have to step in and do some of the planning – makes being the center of attention that much harder. Hopefully you can do something more in line with what you’d enjoy when you’re planning for your second. Even if your friends aren’t crunchy, I bet your sister or someone else who loves you would be happy to put together something more blessing-like for you!

      And thanks for the sweet words. I really did *love* the henna. So pretty.

  2. Rach

    I am totally overwhelmed on your behalf. It sounds like a wonderful day and I’m sure you will always remember it and them. The pendants are really special too. What amazing friends you have, but then amazing friends attract amazing friends.

    1. melissa Post author

      Thanks, Rach. It was wonderful! Overwhelmed is absolutely the right word. I really don’t know how I managed to find such amazing people, but I’m pretty honored.

  3. teresa

    You’re so sweet to me…. thanks.
    I can’t believe what an amazing group of friends you have in Guam. What you described is so magical. Truly. I can’t say enough. How wonderful. There’s no one who deserves such beauty more.
    I love your belly.

    1. melissa Post author

      Thank YOU, Tree! <3
      It really was a magical day, and I think every pregnant woman deserves something like it :)

  4. Laura

    It sounds like the most amazing of experiences. It has really touched me. Feeling supported is fine but it is a completely different thing. Your “mother blessing” and the feeling of community sound as both a wonderful and exotic (oriental?) thing to me. I am sure you completely deserve it and it is not random that you surrounded yourself with such a group of wonderful women. I am so happy for you.
    On the other hand, I can truly relate to your feeling of “lack of friends nearby”, since you moved very recently. I felt the support of many people during my last pregnancy and this way around I am feeling a bit isolated. But, well, we are lucky blog friends can be counted as well.
    Thinking of you.

    1. melissa Post author

      Thank you, Laura. It definitely touched me as well, and really made clear to me what a rare and special gift our family’s years on Guam were.

      It is hard not to have support around the corner, though, and I’m sorry to hear you’re in that space. That’s just where I was during my pregnancy with Annabelle, and in a sense I’m back there, but fortunately feel the support of friends far away – you included – and I’m so grateful for that! I hope your sense of connection will grow along with your belly and you can go into this baby’s birth feeling loved and supported.


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