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What’s New: Moving Week, Sort Of

The first box we'll unpack, decorated with a picture of the baby by Annabelle.

Every Wednesday I write a post to reflect on any big events in our family’s life, along with all of the small changes and new developments I notice with Annabelle during the week. Life moves so quickly, and this is my way of keeping track – my virtual scrapbook, if you will. If you write a post, or put together a collection of photos, to record the happenings with your own children or family, I’d love to have you link up so I can follow along. There’s a link-up at the bottom of this post for anyone who would like to join. This year, I’m also participating in Mamatography, a 366 day photo challenge, started by Luschka at Diary of a First Child, and this weekly update seems the perfect time to post the photos I take during the week, so you’ll see them scattered about in each post.


Checking out her new book. (Teaser for tomorrow's preparing for a second child post ;)

This was moving week 1 of 2 for us, so it has been hectic for all involved! Since it takes such a long time for a container to get from here to the mainland, our house was packed up and our things shipped this week even though we’re still on the island for another month. It feels a bit strange to go through so much of the work of moving without actually moving, but I must say I rather like it this way. With the biggest part of the job behind us, we can focus on our friends and our island home.

Annabelle has really shown us how resilient she is this week, and is handling the entire moving process remarkably well. There have been several highly emotional moments, but those exist on a normal day as well, so I don’t know that her behavior has really changed at all. She walked around the house with me all weekend, sorting, organizing, and boxing things up while we talked about how all of the things we were packing up would go on a boat and meet us in Maryland. She only got upset at the packing away of one item, and I think that was less attachment to the item in the question and more the fact that she was overdue for a nap.

I told Annabelle this size 3 months sleeping gown would be too small. She said, "you can try."

We noticed and discussed quite a few moving trucks in the days leading up to the big day, so it was no surprise when the big truck pulled up to our house. The entire morning could have been carefully orchestrated by someone who deeply understands the mind of a toddler, actually. As it happened, the trash truck pulled up at the very same time as the moving truck and Annabelle could hardly contain her excitement. Just as she was coming down from the big truck high, a man from the US Department of Agriculture turned up with his Brown Tree Snake sniffing dog, and two live snakes with which to train him. Annabelle kept her distance from the snakes, but bounced around the house as she trailed the dog and watched his every move. She thoroughly enjoyed the entire day of watching the movers do their work, and kept taking things in to the various rooms where they were working to “show” them.

A few difficult moments arose after the packing was finished, with Annabelle asking for specific items and having to be reminded that they were on the boat. In some instances, she was excited to remember about the boat and the movers, and in others she was frustrated and informed me that she did not want to me to tell her the desired item was going to Maryland. For the most part, though, she is accepting the idea that things are gone for a time and is perfectly happy to accept substitutes. She seems to have an understanding, however abstract, of what is going on, and I really think that, coupled with her ability to talk through it all, has been incredibly helpful throughout this whole process.

Spying the moving truck. This is actually the day after the previous photo. The first thing she said on waking was that she was "wanting to get that baby heart shirt on!"

Of course we did not pack our yoga mats, so that should help, too! I expect the next month to teach us a lot about how very little we actually need in order to enjoy a perfectly comfortable existence together.

What’s new in your house this week? I would love for you to link your own post, or tell me all about it in a comment!

16 Responses to What’s New: Moving Week, Sort Of

  • Jess says:

    Throw some leggings under that nightgown and she’s got a cute tunic ;) She is just too cute. I am wishing you much peace during this moving time. You so got this, though! xoxo

    • melissa says:

      It’s true! I was surprised by how well it fit. I’m glad she wanted to try anyway ;) Thanks for the well wishes. I can definitely use them!

  • Your daughter is so adorable! I love her teething necklace! Good luck on the move! It sounds like Annabelle is handling everything wonderfully. We just moved 4 weeks ago from Seattle to Chicago!

    • melissa says:

      Oh my! I’ll have to go back through your older posts and see if I can borrow any tips from you. That’s a big move, too!

  • Gosh, I think that would be so hard to pack everything up and then not actually move *yourselves* for another month! It sounds like you’re all handling it beautifully. Thanks for the update!

    • melissa says:

      There are definite negatives to that set-up, but I’m glad we didn’t have to say goodbye to our friends when I was stressy-pants packing lady. And now I have loads of time to clean the house and find new homes for the things we decided not to send :)

  • Rach says:

    I love the way you are preparing her, it must surely help her. I would have been excited by the trucks too (I hang out the window looking at the recycling truck ha). That shirt is lovely on her! That drawing of the baby is so sweet too.

    • melissa says:

      Thanks, Rach! I hope the preparations help. It’s hard to find the balance between helpful preparation and talking too much, too soon, but hopefully she’s not to overwhelmed. I loved the shirt, too. I was glad she insisted on trying it!

  • Cheryl says:

    The move will be over before you know it and it is true, you will realize how little you need to be a happy little family :)

  • I think I like the idea of a drawn out move too, lets everyone get really used to the idea… not too much of a shock to the system :)

    Jesse would have been in heaven with the snakes and dog… he loves both… much to my despair (at the snakes) ;)

  • Anna says:

    Abi used to say you when she meant I too. It led to all sorts of confusion until I caught on. We still tease her about it! I love the baby sleep shirt. It looks very cool on Annabelle. Just think how lost a newborn looks in something that size!

  • teresa says:

    I’m reading your posts backwards… so now I see you’re there for another month..
    I love A in the 3 months gown! Em does that too.
    We’re oddly in a similar household. Even though our stuff isn’t on a boat, we’re emptying out our house so that we can show it to sell. Our whole world right now is packing and storing.
    Yoga mats still here too!!!
    xo for the journey.

    • melissa says:

      It’s sort of nice to know I have a friend in a similar spot. If you collect any pearls of wisdom on living with less, feel free to share! Hopefully the yoga mats provide a place to re-center when you need it. Lots of love to you!

  • Uggg moving! So bittersweet! A is soooo cute! I love looking at your pics of her cause she’s just so cheerful!

    • melissa says:

      Thank you, Kat! It always makes me smile to know that others appreciate her personality, too :)

      …and bittersweet is definitely the word!

  • Amy says:

    What a tough time- good luck! Moving and empty houses always encourage us to be outside more and go on lots of walks (it was actually the only way Q would sleep.) It’s interesting to see how you learn to spend your time! But, the great thing for you is you already have a place to move into and don’t have to spend extended periods in yucky and boring hotels.

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