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Ins and Outs

I’m joining up with Mon for keeping it real, because every experience has¬†something to teach us, and reflecting on the challenges of a week can make it even easier to appreciate the beauty in it all.


Seeing how many insignificant things I have felt the need to hang onto, and tote across the world with me for years and years.

Guilt over the idea of saddling this beautiful island with the useless bits as we lighten our load.

Packing getting in the way of connection.

Forgetting to honor my need for sleep.


More balanced days than grumpy days – finally!

The relief that comes after getting things sorted and organized.

Having a toddler who wants to look through old photos with me.

Delicious, bubbling things in the kitchen.

Realizing what rare gems of friends I have.


Wishing you all a balanced weekend, with plenty of peaks between the valleys. 

10 thoughts on “Ins and Outs

  1. Jess

    Isn’t funny how things go from “must haves” to insignificant? I hate packing, to me it gets in the way of everything! I am so glad your grumpies are waning and looking through old photos with my littles is one of my favorite things. You, my dear, are a rare gem yourself. Like attracts like :)

    1. melissa Post author

      It really is strange how the criteria change. I found several things I couldn’t even remember the significance of. Maybe it’s just getting older, or “pregnancy brain” though, who knows.

      Thanks for giving me a smile. xo

  2. tinsenpup

    I really like this balanced approach. It makes your beautiful posts seem even more genuine. I know what you mean about the things you drag through life with you, although I haven’t taken my clutter around the world with me yet! Maybe some of those useless bits will prove useful to someone else on that island?

    1. melissa Post author

      Thank you! It’s hard to get rid of the ingrained worry that I’m complaining or whining when I talk about the less pleasant bits, but I have to believe it’s better for all of us when we speak candidly and openly. Makes me feel much less isolated when I’m in the midst of it, anyway.

      As for our junk – I do hope some of it really will become another family’s treasure. The box filled with notes passed between my friends and me in high school, however, is probably not going to do anyone any good ever. Not sure why I kept that stuff!

  3. teresa

    So nice to hear that you’re having more better days now!
    Does it feel good to share both sides? I’ve been wondering about that myself.

    1. melissa Post author

      It really does feel great! It’s mostly useful as a reminder for myself to reflect on the harder bits as well as the easy to embrace stuff (not my strong suit!). I gain so much more from all of it when I remember to honor every experience and take what it has to offer me.

  4. Amy

    i’ve always loved this activity. Early in our marriage, my husband and I always shared our “highs and lows” before going to sleep at night. It was interesting to see how they differed or where the same. We need to start it again! Interesting that when you most need connection, you let the little things that foster it go!

  5. Rach

    Oh how wonderful that everything is sorted. A huge weight off your shoulders.
    I bet lots of people keep things like that. I know I had schoolbooks etc in my parents attic until my mid-twenties. No, I didn’t tote them around the world, but maybe I would have had I not had a permanent “base” to store all my stuff. The husband has lots of stuff in his mother’s attic. Godd for you finally unloading.


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