After baths, A always asks to be, "all wrapped up." Once sufficiently wrapped, she gives herself a series of enormous hugs before throwing off the towel and running through the house.

What’s New: Silliness, Sharing, and Sleep

After baths, A always asks to be, "all wrapped up." She then gives herself a series of enormous hugs before throwing off the towel and running through the house.

It was a fairly quiet week over here, with a few extra days spent at home and a whole lot of catching up. It’s a bit early in my pregnancy for nesting, but it sure feels like that’s the phase I’m in. My idea of relaxation suddenly seems to have transformed from bubble baths and naps, to quality time with our new steam mop, and bread baking experiments. Annabelle is happy to join me in the kitchen, but is terrified of the mop.

Things are more or less the same with her, aside from the subtle changes that are taking place whether I notice them or not. We visited the pediatrician this week for her two year well child visit and everyone there was thoroughly impressed with A. She is just as strong and healthy as she has always been, for which we’re very grateful, and the doctor could not stop remarking about her language skills. At the end of the visit, the doc suggested handwashing, since Annabelle had been happily exploring every inch of the exam room. When we turned on the water in the sink, A declared, “Kind of like at our house!” “You know, it is kind of like the sink at our house, isn’t it?” I said. When Annabelle followed up, clear as a bell, with, “It looks similar to ours,” the doctor’s jaw dropped.

My mom crocheted this adorable stuffed mouse for A, and made them matching dresses. They love to rub noses.

I love seeing her strengths begin to make themselves known, and wondering how they will evolve over time. It’s fantastic that she has so many children her age around, too, because I love being able to look around at her and her peers and see each of them beginning to shine in their own unique ways. They each have strengths and interests all their own, and it’s amazing to see the many different ways one can be both amazing, and two. This really does seem to be the time when personalities make themselves undeniably clear.

Speaking of personalities, Annabelle continues to be outrageously silly. Her jokes have shifted focus and are now centered around made up or plays on words. Today she got her hat and shoes on and said that Annabelle and Mommy and Daddy were going for a “hawk.” She repeated this over and over, laughing hysterically all the while.

Loving life with her daddy and her best girl, P.

The idea of sharing is huge right now, and she knows that she doesn’t ever have to share her things, much in the same way that no one else ever has to share their things with her. The phrases, “Not wanting to share,” and, “You DO want to share!” are huge, with the first featuring much more often than the second. It will be interesting to see how this goes as her sibling gets older and she adjusts to the idea of communal books and toys. I had to work very hard to stifle a laugh the other day when we had the following conversation:
“Wanting to go to the park”
“That would be really fun, wouldn’t it? We’re actually going to the park in the morning with P.”
Dissatisfied look: “Not wanting to share with slide.”
“Oh, are you wanting to go to the park when there are no other children and you can have the slide all to yourself?”
“Yeah. Wanting to go to the park while P stays home and N stays home.”

Enjoying some sandbox time at Garden Day.

In reality, Annabelle loves P and N, and was thrilled to see them at the park. Like anyone, I suppose she just likes having unlimited access to resources, and slides are a pretty precious resource.

The challenge right now is in the sleep department. She is not getting enough, hard as we’re trying to help her, and some days her mood really shows it. About half of our mornings lately feature complete meltdowns before we even leave the bedroom, and many end that way as well. We’re trying a couple of different ways of encouraging her to get the sleep she needs, but the older she gets, the more I’m seeing that you can’t make a child sleep. So, our primary focus right now is on finding the perfect conditions to encourage her to surrender to sleep when she’s tired. I have read so much advice and so many books on the subject, but so far none of it seems to offer the right solution for Annabelle, so we’re just following along and trying to be responsive while we work out what needs to happen.

I suppose what needs to happen in this exact moment is for me to go to sleep, so with that I’ll bid you goodnight. I would love to wake up to all of the latest news with you, so please don’t be shy about filling me in on your news, either in the comments below or by linking up. Don’t forget to share your food-related posts in the link-up for this month’s edition of Culinary Wanderings either! Of course I always recommend checking out my fellow Mamatography participants, too!

18 thoughts on “What’s New: Silliness, Sharing, and Sleep

  1. Lisa M

    I love the matching dresses that your mom made! That is such a cute idea! We are also dealing with meltdowns… it seems on a daily basis. My Mamatography pictures always make my boys seems so happy, but the “terrible two’s” have started early for Little K. Big K has been fighting to go to sleep. He’s 9, and no matter what we try, he won’t sleep if HE doesn’t want to! It would not be all that bad if he didn’t try and make sure everyone in the house is awake if he is! Looks like A had a pretty fun week! :)

    1. melissa Post author

      There are definitely a whole lot of strong emotions to get used to at this age – for both them and us! I think most of the meltdowns here are related to being extra tired – it sounds like you know those sleep challenges well, too! Wishing you all rest!

  2. Laura

    I really love the crocheted stuffed mouse but the matching dress is just the kind of thing I absolutely adore!! If your mother starts a business on that, I want to be the first one to order mouse and dress.
    It sounds like you have a nice pediatrician and I understand their amazement at A’s language skills. She speaks amazingly, just as her mum writes…

    1. melissa Post author

      I keep telling my mom she should open up an etsy shop – I’ll definitely let you know if she does! I’ve been thinking of just starting one for her, because I’m sure once it’s up and running she’ll have no trouble in filling it.

      Thanks for the kind words – you’re always so sweet! I enjoy reading your writing as well, and hearing all about the exciting things happening with M. :)

  3. Rach

    Her language is amazing. And I love the exchanges around sharing. I would really love if you did a post about how you handle sharing/taking turns/respectful behaviour to others etc as I learn so much from the little glimpses you offer. I encourage B to take turns, but maybe I should let her know she doesn’t have to give someone else a turn?
    I so agree you cannot teach a child to sleep, you can just give them opportunities. B often doesn’t nap at all and I gave up a long time ago trying to make her, I just give her whatever opportunities might work.

    1. melissa Post author

      I’ve been flirting with the idea of a post on sharing lately, so I’m glad to know at least one person would be interested to read :) I’ll see if I can come up with something that sounds vaguely logical!

  4. Jess

    Wow with her vocab! That is awesome. O started telling knock knock jokes when he was two. They didn’t make sense, but he thought they were hilarious.
    I would love to read a sharing post. I have very mixed feelings about the subject. We do sharing but we talk about how it makes us feel extensively, with four kids I think sharing is almost a must. They must ask permission to play with another’s toy and then a compromise has to be reached. Its hard and time consuming but I am not sure of another way to teach selflessness. Though at 2 and younger I don’t know if sharing can really be understood. So yeah, could you do a post :)

    1. melissa Post author

      I love the jokes kids come up with! I’d love to hear more on your sharing philosophy, too. Perhaps that post will inspire some insightful comments. I’m definitely going to have to write it now!

      P.S. We appear to keep similar blogging hours! ;) I was visiting you, then popped over to see that you had dropped by here at the very same time. Love that. :)

  5. Nichole

    My daughter is 13 ½ months old and continually amazes me every day with the new things she says and does that show how she’s transformed into a budding toddler and no longer my little baby. She is now picking up signs left and right (whereas before, she would just watch intently and then use the sign much later and surprise me). She is also trying to take care of her personal hygiene on her own by brushing her hair and teeth, trying to wash herself in the bath, getting her own towel and washcloth, getting and trying to put on her shoes, etc. she is also moving away from the “everything must go in the mouth” phase so it is nice that she can now play outside while I garden and I don’t have to worry about her constantly trying to eat soil so much. Such fun times!

    PS. I’d be interested in a post on sharing as well – we lead a mom’s group and my nephew is only 3 1/2 months younger than my girl so we’ll have lots of opportunities to put it into practice!

    1. melissa Post author

      What an exciting time in your daughter’s development! It sounds like you’re seeing all your hard work pay off as she blossoms. I remember that phase when I couldn’t look away for a moment outside, lest my daughter fill her mouth with rocks, and what a relief it was when we could just relax and enjoy being outside together.

      I’ll definitely plan to post something on sharing next week. I’m really looking forward to the discussion and insights from you and others :)

  6. Christine @ African Babies Don't Cry

    Annabelle’s language is just amazing, I think my jaw would also drop.

    Yeah, I hear you on the sleep issues, its as if Jesse has decided there are way better things to do than sleep. Granted he has never been a great sleeper (especially naps). Hope she gets over this phase soon!

    1. melissa Post author

      I can definitely relate to the desire to stay up and experience more, but it’s tough when they could so obviously benefit from more and better quality sleep, huh? I think sleep is one of my biggest parenting challenges!

  7. kimia

    I love the story of the doctor’s jaw dropping at her language skills! So impressive. :) And no doubt a direct result from your encouraging and lovely parenting. Also, I just read your previous post and am so happy to read all the wonderful news about your upcoming new space and at home delivery! Congratulations on all the pieces coming together. That’s always just the best feeling.

    1. melissa Post author

      Thank you, Kimia! It really is a great feeling – such a relief. I so appreciate your kind words <3

  8. tinsenpup

    Anabelle’s language skills really are extraordinary. I have often found myself either marvelling or giggling. A friend’s little boy was similar and he offered a wonderfully rare insight into the toddler mind as well as a reminder that they are often absorbing more than we realise, even if they haven’t yet developed the skills to express it.


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