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Day in the Life: 2 Years Old

My girl turned two this week and I can hardly believe it! To capture a little slice of this stage in Annabelle’s life, I thought I’d do a photo journal post a bit like the half-birthday post I wrote back in September. I didn’t capture exactly everything on camera, but there’s quite a lot.

Annabelle woke up around 7:30 and greeted me with her standard morning request, “Wanting get out of bed. Wanting to go in kitchen.” We headed right there and I offered to make all manner of delicious birthday breakfasts, but all were met with refusal. Nothing but a bowl of cold cereal would do, so cereal it was. Of course she requested cake first. Cereal was the go-to breakfast during our travels because it’s so very easy. Never would I have guessed that it would come to be Annabelle’s favorite breakfast. While eating, Annabelle heard the trash truck, hopped up from her chair to watch it from the window, and declared it, “Really. really. really big!”

Once breakfast was cleaned up, I suggested we get ourselves dressed for the day, but Annabelle insisted on watching, “Hunter made for you,” the video slideshow our dear friends created in honor of her birthday. Being her big day, I decided to let her call the shots, and got her set up on my laptop.

Next she asked for some milk, and I was glad to offer some up, while quietly celebrating the fact that we successfully reached my breastfeeding goal as her mama. We nursed for two years! I felt it necessary to document the occasion, but found it rather difficult to take a picture of both of us while nursing. Here’s one of my favorite outtakes!

After our milk session, we finally got dressed and ready for the day, just in time for the Skyping to begin! Annabelle got a phone call from her Gigi (great grandma) and listened intently, but wasn’t up for saying much. Next she showed all of her new animal models, a present from her best girl P, to her Grammie and Grampy. After that, she chatted with Grandma and Grandpa Great and insisted that I bring all of her animals over. I don’t think my grandma knew quite how to react when Annabelle pointed out the “pig’s butt” for her.

We took a little break from our Skyping and had some lunch with the daddy. He was in a rush, so ate standing at the counter. Annabelle joined him from her Learning Tower. We were called straight from lunch to another video date, this one with Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Becky with her boyfriend Cody. There was a great deal of fun and silliness in that conversation as well, but by the end it was clearly well past time for a nap. These days, she sleeps for one two hours on most days, but every once in awhile the nap just does not happen. On this day, it did and I sat down to do a bit of house hunting.

On a normal day at this age, we spend far less time in front of the computer. That time is replaced with walks around the neighborhood, visits to the park with friends or to the library, or quiet mornings at home. When we’re home, Annabelle alternates between entertaining herself while I try to get a bit of work done, climbing on me and asking to be read to, and helping me with household things like baking and laundry. When I do get work done, it’s usually in fifteen minute spurts. Above, Annabelle is helping me hang a few laundry items that needed sunning.

Afternoons pass in a flash, and this one was no exception. When nap ends early, there’s usually an art project of some kind going on and then we set to putting things back in order in the house and getting ready for dinner. On this particular day, we washed dishes, moved some laundry, got going on dinner, and soon the daddy was home and it was time to eat. One part of our routine that has remained unchanged is the evening walk, a special time for all of us – Annabelle and the daddy get a bit of time together outside, and I get a few minutes of quiet while I finish up dinner.

After dinner, we had the last three slices of birthday cake from Sunday’s celebration and it was time for a bath, a few books, and bed. Bedtime these days is not too much after 7, so there’s plenty of wind down time for the grown ups in the house before we head off to sleep ourselves. We try to tag team so that one of us is enjoying the bedtime routine while the other cleans up from dinner, leaving us with no household chores left after bedtime. It doesn’t always work that way, but we try!

Things are still a bit crazier than normal right now as we adjust to life as usual following our grand mother-daughter adventure, but that’s a slice of it – not glamorous, but it’s pretty good to be us most of the time. Before we know it, Annabelle will be three and we will have forgotten completely what life was like way back when she turned two. I’m thinking these photo journals will be a good way to remember what life was look as time goes on – especially when we’re living in a completely different climate, halfway across the world!


What’s new in your house? What’s your family’s day to day like? Does it change a great deal as your family grows? I’d love to hear from you! If you have written about the latest with your family or children, feel free to link up a post of your own, too. Apologies for the late appearance of the linky, by the way. Sleepiness reigns this week, and I’ve been distracted with obsessive house hunting and neighborhood researching. Cross your fingers for us, though, because I think our search may be over! Hopefully that means I can get back to posting more than once a week soon!

I also fell off the mamatography bandwagon this week, but am determined to dust myself off and hop on again next week!

18 Responses to Day in the Life: 2 Years Old

  • Rach says:

    Happy birthday wonderful Annabelle! I loved your description of your day, love the laundry dryer, the family contacts, your daily rhythm, the fact you breastfed for so long! Congratulations you two. x

    • melissa says:

      Thank you, Rach! :) Would you believe the drying rack was built by P’s dad – the same family that loaned us adorable clothes for our trip and shares their fresh tofu? We lucked out in the friend department. I love it, too!

  • Claire says:

    I’m clearly still a two year old at heart too because I laughed A LOT when I read that she pointed out the “pigs butt.”

    Happy Birthday Annabelle!

  • Happy Birthday, Annabelle!!!

    Loved this post :-)
    Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama recently posted..5 Ways to Create a Non-Toxic Environment (Green & Natural Mamas Bloghop)My Profile

  • Amy says:

    Happy Birthday! How exciting! If you don’t mind me asking, what recipe did you use for cake?

    • melissa says:

      Thanks! Annabelle was very clear on wanting a chocolate cake with strawberry, so I used a favorite recipe of mine: Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Raspberry Chocolate Blackout Cake from Vegan with a Vengeance, but I replaced the raspberry with strawberry to fulfill Annabelle’s request, and used coconut sugar instead of cane sugar to make it a touch healthier. It was good, but confirmed for me that this is now my favorite chocolate cake recipe of all time.

  • Happy birthday to Annabelle! I love these day-in-the-life posts. I love to do my own (need to do another, actually) to remember later, and love to read others’, probably because I am a bit nosy ;)

    • Melissa says:

      I’m nosy, too! It’s just interesting to know what other families are doing! I’ll look forward to being able to nose around in your life soon, too, then ;)

  • teresa says:

    You’re so right that by the next year, you will not really remember this moment. It’s because everything that comes next is so amazing. So, it’s perfect that you captured this day. Can you imagine having this kind of record of your own life?
    Happy Birthday to Anabelle!

    • Melissa says:

      I love your take on parenting, and life in general – I’m super glad for the heads up that we’re in for some amazing things! I do hope Annabelle enjoys the record as I feel like I would, and doesn’t just think her mama was crazy ;)

  • Jess says:

    Happy Birthday Annabelle! And congrats to you for meeting your two year benchmark. The pig’s butt! LOL! What is up with kids and potty humor? She is too little for that :) Bo (19 months) walks around screaming Ca-Ca and laughing her head off, must be older brother influences.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks, Jess! I couldn’t believe how early potty humor became funny – and Annabelle doesn’t even have older brother influences, or older sibling for that matter. Can I blame her dad? ;)

      • Jess says:

        Yes. Now that I think about it Bo’s dad taught her Ca-ca, her brothers just encourage it. Maybe we are on to something… could it be Daddy’s doing?

  • Happy Belated Birthday Annabelle! Annabelle is really going to appreciate reading this post when she gets older. Thank you for sharing.

  • I missed this one somehow, so glad you linked it up for the blitz! What a great birthday spent chatting to family, nothing better! Your days sound pretty similar to mine, and I hear you on getting work done in 15 minute spurts ;)

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