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Beaked Hazelwood for Morning Sickness

See, isn't it pretty?

During my first trimester, I dealt with what some call morning sickness, but what I believe is more accurately referred to as “all day sickness.” Nausea is the pits, and I wanted to do something about it. Annabelle has worn a baltic amber teething necklace from Inspired by Finn for most of her life, and I have been really happy with its quality. Remembering that they also carried beaked hazelwood necklaces which are said to help with excess acidity in the body and, by extension, morning sickness for many moms, I checked their site out again.

While I have tremendous faith in many natural remedies, I have a hard time with things where I can’t physically see the results, and where peer reviewed studies can’t assure me that a method is beneficial, but I decided to get a necklace anyway. Even if it did nothing at all, it would still be pretty, and it certainly couldn’t hurt. In any case, I received the necklace with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Care for a closer look? Mine is accented with sodalite and hematite gemstones as well, but Inspired by Finn has many options on their site.

Hazelwood is not meant to be a magic cure for excess acid in the body, but simply to reduce it. Knowing that, I didn’t expect it to work right away, which is good because it didn’t. My necklace arrived during my ninth week of pregnancy and the first night I wore it, I was just as nauseous as on the night before. I kept it on, except while bathing, every day for the next several weeks, and I really do think it made a difference. By the second night I had it, I was absolutely less nauseated than before, and my symptoms thereafter were very mild. In theory, morning sickness fades with the second trimester, which means it should be gone by about twelve weeks gestation, but this was not true in my first pregnancy. With Annabelle, I was sick for fourteen straight weeks and didn’t feel like myself until week fifteen. I was prepared for the same this time around, but either I got lucky, or hazelwood really made a difference.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a control to support my findings, but I really did feel like hazelwood helped relieve my symptoms, and made for an easier first trimester. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with morning sickness, or other discomforts related to excess acidity in the body like reflux or heartburn. Inspired by Finn has more detailed information on the wood and its properties here. If nothing else, the necklaces look beautiful and have absolutely no side effects.

P.S. If you’re interested in buying amber or hazelwood jewlery in the future, I highly recommend “liking” Inspired by Finn on facebook, as they frequently post specials and discounts.


Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was promised or provided. All opinions expressed are my own, and I don’t benefit directly from purchases of this or any other item on Inspired by Finn. I strive to choose only items I think my readers will enjoy, from sellers I can recommend with a clear conscience. See my full disclosure on the About page.

6 thoughts on “Beaked Hazelwood for Morning Sickness

  1. melissa Post author

    Thanks, Rach! It was definitely nice to find a way to curb my symptoms. I’m honored to receive the award, too – thanks for thinking of me! xo

  2. Sarah

    Just wondering, but are you breastfeeding your toddler during this pregnancy? I’ve heard that bf hormones help to reduce sickness in pregnancy, and that was certainly the case for me when I got preg with my 2nd child, while my first was only 9 months old! I always thought I had less sickness b/c he is my only boy, but his was the only pregnancy I breastfed through.

    Either way, I love the necklace! My toddler has an amber teething necklace that really makes a difference. I’m going to remember the hazelwood necklace for any future pregnancies.

    1. melissa Post author

      That’s interesting, Sarah. I have never heard such a thing! I am still nursing my toddler, however, so I wonder if that has made any difference. I was definitely dealing with nausea this pregnancy regardless – it was was my first pregnancy symptom! It was absolutely milder than with my first, however.

  3. teresa

    Ooh, I really love this since I make jewelry with gemstones. I didn’t know about this though.
    Also, you look so pretty in this photo! Is it extra glow?

  4. Jenna Richell

    Aren’t these accessories amazing! Teething necklaces for babies and now, similar ones for mommy. The world indeed wants us to be comfortable for our loved ones. Ehehe.


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