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What’s New: The Photo Journal Continues

Ciao! I have so many exciting things to share, beginning I hope with this next Montessori Monday, but today we are on the go and I am also not wanting to broadcast our exact location to the whole of the internet. So, for now I have Mamatography photos up until a couple of days ago and promises of more to come in the next week. I’m really missing my connections in this space and looking forward to catching up with all of you soon.

I’m adding the linky as usual, even though my own blogging is lacking, so please share any updates you may have!

Thursday we took the train into Venice for a return trip and Annabelle and her friend Leo chased pigeons in the, "BIG, BIG Piazza San Marco," as she would call it.

Friday we recovered with a low-key day. I was impressed to see that both children discovered how beautifully olives fit on one's fingers, entirely on their own.

...and both had a lovely romp in the backyard leaf pile.

Saturday we set off a just the two of us adventure walking around the city.

and we couldn't help but make one more trip to the carousel before heading home.

Can’t wait to tell you where we headed next!


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