Montessori Meets Baby-Led Weaning: On NPN Today

You can find me over at the Natural Parents Network today, where I discuss the Natural Approach to Introducing Solids that worked for us when Annabelle first began exploring the world of food.

“The Montessori method for introducing solids has always appealed to me on some level, but the practice of baby-led weaning, popular among natural parents, also caught my eye. I went back and forth a good deal as I tried to work out the best approach for us, but in the end, I found out that the two can actually work together in perfect harmony.”

Head over to NPN for the full article.

One thought on “Montessori Meets Baby-Led Weaning: On NPN Today

  1. courtney @ larking.

    Really appreciated this article — I’m fascinated by the BLW + Montessori connections! My daughter’s fine motor skills seem to be really developing well from using the BLW method, and she truly enjoys the entire eating experience.


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