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Vibrant Wanderings, 2012 Edition

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday with their families – I know we had a great long weekend here! I have really been enjoying the year in review posts on some of my favorite blogger’s sites, and thought to prepare my own before I realized that the mid-year domain and platform change would make determining my most popular posts of the year, my most prolific commenters, and anything else of the sort a rather difficult task.

Instead, I’ll just thank each one of you, as genuinely as I can figure out how, for journeying through all or part of this year with me. Whether you read one post or one hundred, commented on a handful or none at all, I’m truly thankful for your presence. Knowing that people are out there reading, and that my words actually do benefit others in one way or another, has made this experience so much more worthwhile. I am truly grateful.

I wish I could tell you how much I have enjoyed the past few months of blogging. Moving to the new domain was a great decision, and has brought so many good things my way. I’m really looking forward to using some of that goodness to share more and better articles with you in the year to come. I’m sure that pregnancy and birth will be popular topics for the first half of the year, and parenting an infant and adjusting to life with two will feature heavily in the second half, but there is sure to be plenty of Montessori, some NVC, and a whole lot more along the way. Perhaps I’ll even get organized enough to figure out this whole moving thing and share some ideas with you.

I am going to add two regular link-ups and I’m really excited to share them with you. For some time, I’ve been writing my “What’s New Wednesday” posts to keep up with the latest on Annabelle and our family. Taken together, these posts make up a pretty neat archive of our lives so far – a sort of virtual scrapbook. Here and there, people have expressed interest in doing something similar on their own blogs, so I’ll start including a linky at the end of each Wednesday’s post. I know many of you are faithful participants in Wordless Wednesday, so my plan is to keep the linky open all week long. You can title your post any old way you’d like, but the new link-up will go by the title What’s New, Babe? Feel free to grab the button and join me anytime!

Background image courtesy of Boston Public Library on Flickr. Used and adapted by Creative Commons License.

Another linking opportunity will come on the last Tuesday of each month. If you have been around here very long, you know that I love food and I love to cook. I’m constantly trying new recipes, and could easily write about food every day of the week, but that’s not really what I want the focus of this blog to be. To give me a way to share a bit about my own culinary adventures, and to learn from all of yours, I’ll write a post once a month to share new recipes, ingredients, and other discoveries I have made in the kitchen. If you feel inclined to do the same, I would love for you to join! You don’t have to cover an entire month’s worth of cooking, of course. You’re welcome to focus on one recipe, one ingredient, one new cooking or meal-planning technique. It’s all up to you! The first edition of Culinary Wanderings will come on January 31st and I’ll leave the linky open for a week so you can post as it suits your schedule.

Background image courtesy of Valerie Hinojosa on Flickr. Used and adapted by Creative Commons License.

Aside from that, you should see little other than natural, normal growth and progression around here. The rest will remain the same. Thanks again for making 2011 so great!

12 thoughts on “Vibrant Wanderings, 2012 Edition

  1. Amy

    I look forward to participating in What’s New, Babe? I’d already decided in the new year to blog about my observations of Q-ball’s growth, so it will work out perfectly! Thanks for hosting!

    1. melissa Post author

      That’s great – I’m really glad you’ll be joining! I always enjoy reading the latest with Q-ball, so it will be fun to get regular updates.

  2. Melissa V

    I’m far too sensitive maybe, but might it be weird for you to do the food linkup thing with a bunch of carnivores? =D All my best meals have meat in them. Well, not ALL~ my spanikopita is the bomb… Will you be grossed out by meat recipes?
    I’m a foodie too, and I LOVE new recipes and ingredients and stuff so perhaps after a few rounds I will feel okay, as long as you are okay, including some of my dishes.

    Hey will you do a post on why you eat vegan/the logistics/the history of it? That might help. Otherwise I just imagine you as a PETA model planning raids on my pantry on a reality TV show or something, but maybe you are actually less political about it? =)

    I’m mainly joking but really tired so maybe it’s not going to come across that way~I hope it does, lol!!

    For the Wednesday thing I like that idea lots and I think I will try and remember to link up to it!! I usually do individual updates for each kid periodically so I could link those =) I like your blog lots. ♥

    1. melissa Post author

      I really appreciate that you’re so sensitive, and may have to take that blog post idea and run with it. I won’t be offended or upset by non vegan recipes at all. My decision is very personal, and I definitely love to talk veganism with those who are interested, but I try not to vegangelize. I am definitely not a fan of PETA, though I imagine your pantry might have some pretty good stuff in it ;)

      My husband is definitely not vegan, so I end up cooking meat once or twice a week for him. Something about motherhood has made me a lot more sensitive, so it’s getting harder to do as time goes on, but he cooks tofu for me so I try to meet him halfway.

      1. Melissa Vose

        Ahhhh, I didn’t realize The Daddy ate meat, too. I know some vegetarians whose spouses eat meat, can be kind of stressful!! You’re the only vegan I know, as far as I know. It helps to know that, though, wrt sharing recipes. And I can def link vegetarian recipes, though I often cook something these days and think, I could even feed this to Melissa Kemendo!! And then realize, oops it has egg in it or milk or something. Lol.

        1. melissa Post author

          Those things (egg, milk, etc) are easily replaced! I really don’t use that many vegan recipes myself, I just ‘veganize’ them myself. I use the Betty Crocker cookbook more often than Vegan With a Vengeance ;) Anyway, I’m excited to see what you share!

  3. MJ

    You have such great ideas! And I do love the recipes that you post so I look forward to your culinary wanderings! What’s new babe also sounds like a lot of fun too, and I always love reading Annabelle updates :). Such a wonderful way to slow things down and really see how my kids progress. I admit it’s harder as they get older, it all happens so fast and right under my nose.

  4. teresa

    I love both of your linky’s!! I just posted a What’s New Babe? type of post. I realized that I was neglecting that very simple aspect of my blog and why I started it in the first place.
    I love that you’ve created these.
    I’ll join them both.

    1. melissa Post author

      I’m so glad you plan to join! I’ve been hoping you’d have some time from your NoPro to do a bit more blogging soon, too :)


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