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You can find me over at Natural Parents Network today with Five Tips for Enjoying Your Kids in the Kitchen. I would love it if you would pop over and let me know what makes cooking with your kids stress free and fun!

Speaking of kids in the kitchen, have you entered my For Small Hands Giveaway? This one is for a fabulous wooden play theater game, but they sell some fantastic child sized kitchen tools as well!

3 thoughts on “On NPN Today

  1. Neptune

    Nice post. I think it really describe the real life of a kitchen with children in them.

    With many children, splitting the task before hand, and deciding who will do what really helps to avoid frictions between my children. They know what to expect. And for the littlest, as you were saying, having their own bowl, utensils and most of all ingredients really is our secret here. It works like a charm.

    Another thing we do is to have activities stored in the kitchen for the time when kids cannot help (or I just am not able to deal with kids helping) but need to stay near me. Baskets with fruits to match, or to name, cutlery to sort…or anything kitchen related still makes them feel part of the kitchen, and not left out. A pretend kitchen would probably work great also.

    Loved you post! Thank you for it

    1. melissa Post author

      Thank you for the kind feedback. I love your suggestions! Having a plan for dividing up tasks definitely sounds like a perfect solution for more than one child. I’m always so grateful for tips from parents with more than one child. Activities in the kitchen are a great idea, too! Annabelle has a shelf in the kitchen with mini pots and pans and some wooden fruits and vegetables as well as her art supplies, and that has made all the difference on the days when she isn’t up for helping, or I’m not up for having a helper. A pretend kitchen would be lovely!


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