Joy Pockets #14

The “Curse of the Internet,” as Amber Strocel so aptly named it, has struck. I really should not have noted my minimal nausea in Wednesday’s post. One day I’ll learn. Queasiness aside, though, it has been a pretty good week. As usual, I’ll join in with Monica at Holistic Mama‘s tradition and remember my Joy Pockets. I would love to hear what brightened your week, too! 


Annabelle "drawing numbers."


Selecting and anticipating some great tea.

The arrival of the passports, and the promise of adventure that they bring.

Organic roasted red peppers! I have scarcely had a red pepper in years because of the pesticides.

The first step in the move planning process, and the chance that we could end up back in my beloved Colorado.

The daily grin and point from Annabelle when we switch the lights on: “Crimsa [Christmas] Tree!”

The opportunity to help people I care about, and use my brain the process.

A week at home, just when I was needing a little quiet.

A night out with my best gals.

More space for reading.


Your turn!

7 thoughts on “Joy Pockets #14

  1. Melissa V

    Boo for nausea!! I feel for you… =( Yay for joy! And moving closer! If you do go to DC I have natural birth info for that area. And DC is beautiful! AND has tons of free museums: a homeschooler’s dream… Happy joy pockets day! Hope you feel better soon.

    1. melissa Post author

      Ooh, I would love any DC area natural birth info you have, wise one :) I am definitely excited about that possibility, if only for the museums and other things to do – plus public transportation! I really, really don’t like to drive if I don’t have to!

      Since I’ll be fairly well along before we know where we’re headed for sure, I’m trying to figure out where I would birth in each scenario. That way I can get on finding myself a midwife the minute we get the assignment!

      1. Melissa V

        Not wise! Lol! Just fortunate to have a big family with lots of natural birthing relatives! =) Will ask my cousin who lived in DC and had 4 natural births there… (she’s the one in Colorado whose hubs is AF) Stay tuned!
        Good plan, to make plans for each scenario! Too bad none of your possibles are in CANADA. Boo.

  2. Rach

    Oh no – nausea has struck! Dry plain biscuits (cookies in the US) and trail mix helped me. Homebirths and doulas are de rigeur in the UK (well as least they’re not outlawed anyway and in theory they are encouraged by the medical profession here). Just saying’ ya know….
    Nights out are great aren’t they. Foe me, it’s a bit of a struggle hauling myself out the front door, but once I have done it is so reviving. A is astonishing.

  3. Anna

    I found those wristbands designed for travel sickness were very effective with morning sickness too. If you are really struggling then try massaging the same point on your wrist as they press on – it can help. The point is about 2 inches below the bend and on the outside of the tendon. You’ll know it when you find it!

  4. MJ

    I loved your joy pockets! Lots of goodness here. Move planning to CO!! Yes yes yes that would be so wonderful! Roasted red peppers–one of my favorites. Quiet time, reading and night out with the girls–all lovely things. Sorry to hear about the nausea, that really is the worst part. Hope it subsides quickly and you can fully enjoy these holidays Melissa!


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