All of My Montessori Posts, Visually Cataloged

I visually cataloged all of my Montessori-related posts using a photo album on the facebook page┬átoday. You can view it here. If you’re interested in Montessori, or know someone who is, I hope you’ll enjoy and share. Feel free to spread these around facebook, pinterest, twitter, or anywhere else you fancy :) I hope to add it to Google+ and do the same with some of my other major categories soon.

This exercise also showed me how much code and formatting got jumbled in the switch from the old site. I hope you’ll forgive the mess. I’m trying to clean things up, slowly but surely.

8 thoughts on “All of My Montessori Posts, Visually Cataloged

  1. Rach

    Thanks Melissa. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you put on A’s shelves, as they are all such good ideas! Have you done a post about your training? I’d love to know more as I am thinking about training too.

    1. melissa Post author

      My pleasure, Rach. I have never written about my training, but I may some time in the future. The whole two+ years was an emotional roller coaster for a host of reasons, some training related and others not, so it’s still a bit of a soft/sore spot. If you have specific questions related to training, though, please feel free to send them my way. I’m more than happy to try to help!


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