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This post was written for inclusion in the I Love Me! Carnival hosted by Amy at Anktangle. This carnival is all about love of self, challenging you to lift yourself up, just for being you.

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Like many mothers and many people, really, I can be awfully hard on myself. Don’t get me wrong – there are things I do well and I know this, but I’m frequently compelled to focus on my imperfections rather than my strengths. Just when I was in a place of reflecting on the state of my life and finding myself to be especially lacking, I participated in a great discussion in which my friend Amanda led me to an “a-ha!” moment.

Amanda walked us through an exercise she had participated in during a recent class, encouraging myself and a few others to write down the names of a handful of people we admired. Then, she had us write down the qualities they possessed that we thought were particularly admirable. Of course the people most of us chose had several things in common with one another, which we noted. We listed the qualities that appeared multiple times and used these to come up with a brief list. As we went through this exercise, I found myself reflecting even more on how far I had to come in developing these noble qualities in myself.

Then came the conclusion of the exercise.

Amanda pointed out that we tend to notice, and appreciate, the ways that people are like us. She explained that the list we had each come up with was actually a list of qualities that characterized us. She instructed each of us to write our name at the top of an index card and then list these qualities beneath it. This, she said, was who we were.

At first, I thought, “Yeah, right.” Then, I actually gave the idea a chance, and I think there’s something to it. I have plenty of room to grow, to be sure, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that this concept makes sense. If being slow to judge others didn’t matter to me at all, I probably wouldn’t be able to list off half a dozen people whose ability to reserve judgment I admire. So I’ve decided that I’ll take it! Here’s my list:

I am…



slow to judge


self-aware and grounded in my personal priorities

Certainly there are days when I forget to be some or all of these things, and certainly I have room for improvement in all of these areas and more, but I’m starting to accept and appreciate that, at my core, this is who I am. I’m really not so bad after all! The more I have embraced this idea, the more I’ve come to appreciate and nurture the good in myself. I see the places where I can do better, but slowly I’m learning to celebrate myself as I am, too.


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25 thoughts on “Finding Out Who I Am

  1. Amy @ Anktangle

    That is such an interesting exercise, and one I’m definitely going to try. I particularly enjoyed hearing that it has allowed you room to celebrate the qualities you admire *in yourself*. I love it! Thank you for sharing this for the carnival. <3

    1. melissa Post author

      I think you’ll be glad you did! Thanks for giving this great prompt – we all need to take time to remember why we’re so worthy of love every now and again. I’m thankful that you organized such a great carnival!

  2. Rach

    From the little amount t I’ve garnered from your blog, I do agree! Nice idea, going to try it myself.
    On the flip side, they do say the things that you dislike in others are the things you dislike in yourself. Not sure I can agree with that one ;-)

    1. melissa Post author

      Every once in awhile, I see that one ring true with me. I think it’s more so the things I desire to change in myself because they’re out of step with our values and the way we truly want to live life. I definitely don’t think it’s always true, though! Thanks for the kindness, Rach!

  3. Emma

    Oh, this was such a lovely post! So many of us are as you describe: mothers who are quick to locate and define our shortcomings, imperfections, things we could have done better willdobetternexttime…

    It’s SO important to be able to identify our strengths and the things that make us awesome! Even if they live alongside the parts we plan to improve upon.

    I love reading your blog!

    1. melissa Post author

      Thank you, Emma. I’m glad you can relate, and really glad you enjoy reading! I definitely never plan to stop improving, but it’s a much gentler process when I can love myself as I work :)

  4. teresa

    I love that list. Those are wonderful qualities to have and that sounds like a really great exercise, and a great friend to lead you through it!
    I think it’s interesting and true that if we can accept these qualities in ourselves, it actually makes it more possible to nurture them. How can we do that if we don’t acknowledge they’re there.
    Yeah, you!!!!!
    I just love this carnival and reading everyone’s sweet posts.

    1. melissa Post author

      I loved it, too! So many great posts! I don’t think I know anyone who couldn’t use a little time to reflect on the good in them every once in awhile.

  5. Terri

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful exercise and the qualities you found in yourself. Certainly take them and a whole lot more. I would really like to do this exercise too.

    On another subject…I had to double take when I reached this blog page. I saw the photo and was like ‘That’s Melissa but the page is different, the name is different, what’s happening?!’ Then I read about your change and understood…congrats on changing your blog to suit you more. Wish you continued blogging joy!
    Terri recently posted..I Love Me ~ A Rampage of Appreciation!My Profile

    1. melissa Post author

      Thank you so much, Terri! I definitely think the exercise is worth the time, though I’m bummed that you all know the ending now. Hopefully it won’t skew your results.

      I’m really glad you worked out what was going on here, despite the confusion. I knew it would throw people off to change the theme, the name, AND the url all at once, but it felt like it was time. Thanks for your supportive feedback!

  6. tinsenpup

    Would it be weird of me to add thoughtful, positive, community spirited, supportive of others and talented writer/journalist to your list?

    I wanted to leave your giveaway to others, but I love your new blog. The name is lovely and the design is beautiful.
    tinsenpup recently posted..Two Deaths; Two BurialsMy Profile

    1. melissa Post author

      Actually, it would totally make my day. It did make my day, in fact. Thank you for the kind words and the continued support. I’m so thankful to have gotten to know you, if only virtually, and always enjoy reading what you have to say. You’re a gem!

    1. melissa Post author

      Hi, Clare. I’m so glad you found me, and that you enjoyed this enough to share it! Thank you for saying hello and letting me know :) I hope you find something new to appreciate about yourself!


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