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I bumped into Andrea Olson, author of EC Simplified, in the comments section of a few articles on Elimination Communication and her insights piqued my interest enough that I clicked through to her website. Excited about her then soon to be released book, I introduced myself and was honored and thrilled when she agreed to send me a copy to review.

Having practiced EC for the past seventeen months, my daughter is now almost completely dry during the day and goes through phases at night, but is dry more often than not during sleep as well. EC has worked wonderfully for us, and I feel that we have been pretty successful. That said, I looked forward to reading Andrea’s perspective and finding another resource to recommend to parents who are considering elimination communication, but I didn’t expect to learn any new strategies. Silly me – I thought I knew it all, but boy was I wrong!

Andrea’s book has proven to be a hugely valuable resource, even at this stage of the game. As mama to an almost one year old, she has practiced EC herself, but it’s clear that she has gone much further than simply drawing on her personal experience. She has researched the way other cultures potty their infants, and has spoken to many parents in the US who practice EC as well, and she has combined all of the wonderful insights this research has given her to create what is arguably the most valuable book on EC to date.

I am amazed by how well Andrea managed to cover every issue and question I myself have asked about EC, as well as just about everything I have ever seen come up on message boards and in real-life discussions with moms practicing, or thinking about trying EC. She has truly thought of everything! She addresses common issues like what to try if you’re offering pottytunities and your baby isn’t going, but peeing on the floor two minutes later instead, or what to do if your baby doesn’t usually signal. She includes a number of great lists, with every idea imaginable for potty receptables, signals your baby may make, waterproof bed or diaper free area setups, EC positions, and so much more. She also includes great photos that make it much easier to visualize everything she talks about.

While EC tends to be most common in attachment parenting circles, Andrea is careful to take different styles and situations into account. She offers tips for parents who are practicing EC full or part time, parents who work, parents who choose or do not choose to use EC at night, late starters, EC while babywearing, and much more.

The book also gives readers access to a special section of Andrea’s website, rich with resources for the ECing parent, including logs you can fill out as you work to determine your baby’s natural timing, a sample letter to alternate caregivers, and much more. There are also a number of exclusive how-to videos that are becoming available in this section of the site throughout the year. In addition to all of the great info that Andrea herself has written, she includes a thorough list of books and other resources that parents looking for more information or support can turn to. She has even coordinated with several companies offering EC supplies to provide coupon codes for her readers. If you have training pants and puddle pads to buy, this book can pay for itself in coupon codes alone!

My new, trusted friend: Andrea and her diaper free baby

It’s hard to find things I didn’t love about EC Simplified, but I’ll note a couple of things you might notice as you read:

Andrea writes in a very informal, conversational style that is not usually something I like in a book. It took some getting used to, but as I got further into the book, I found that it was actually very appropriate for the subject matter and endears her to you as you read. By the time I made it halfway through, I felt as though I was listening to advice from a trusted friend.

The book is not available in a hard copy, which is another thing I usually find disappointing. I love to be able to thumb through a book and hold it in my hands. The beauty of the ebook in this case, however, is that it provides you with an easily searchable resource. Trying to remember what Andrea suggested for the baby who protests pottying at night? Do a quick search within the document for the word “night” and you have what you’re looking for in no time! In the end, I was really thrilled with this format for Andrea’s book. It also enables you to click through to the many valuable links she has taken time to provide within the text itself, putting all kinds of great resources right at your fingertips.

Overall, I can honestly recommend this resource to any parent interested in EC, even if you already have a routine in place that’s working. You may skim over many parts if you already feel comfortable with EC, but you will undoubtedly find a wealth of information that will help you as your journey with EC progresses. If you’re not yet practicing EC, this book will give you a tip or a trick for every situation and you’ll finish feeling ready to give this thing a try.

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You can buy your copy of EC Simplified, on Andrea’s website: If you don’t have much time for reading, you have the option to purchase the audio book instead. Both options are available at a special discount for the month of August, so if you’re interested, now is the time! You can also earn a special discount by visiting and using the form on the right to sign up for Andrea’s newsletter.

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Disclosure: I was given a free digital copy of EC Simplified for this review. Because I have many readers who are interested in EC and I believed that Andrea had a valuable resource to offer, I invited her to participate in this giveaway with me. All opinions expressed are my own, and I don’t benefit directly from purchases of EC Simplified. See my full disclosure here.

73 thoughts on “EC Simplified: Book Review and Giveaway ***Closed***

  1. Helena

    I visited her site and learned that placenta brain nearly caused her to give up before she started. helena {at} studio32 {dot} com

  2. Natalie Blanch

    I learnt that Andrea is hoping to film a comparative documentary on pottying around the world, about pottying in tribal communities.

  3. Jeri Thurber

    Diaper-free at 10 months?!  Fabulous!  I learned that parents didn't really use diapers until the 19th century.  Would love to be that way with my little one.

  4. Andrea Reed

    I learned that the nation average for babies to be potty trained in the US is three years old!!!??

    So I'm an over achiever after liking both pages on Facebook I posted it on my personal Facebook and also on my Facebook page: and am following both you ladies on Twitter.

    I'm also tweeting about the giveaway but am sure you can see that on Twitter yourselves. @canadadre  So excited about this book!

    Also, I posted about it on my blog:

    Can you tell I'm excited!  :-)


    Andrea Reed
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

  5. Michelle

    Great review! After visiting her site I learnt that Andrea is now serving as a DiaperFreeBaby mentor, which is not surprising due to how knowledgeable she is about EC but also how generous she is with all this great information.

  6. Brittany

    ~* Fabulous giveway!*~ I learned that EC is actually a non-profit organization.

    Bonus entries: 
    1. Subscribed to New Mommy files on Google Reader
    2. Following on Twitter New Mommy Files
    3. Following on Twitter ECSimplified
    4. Liked EC Simplified on Facebook. 

    I'm a new mom this April 2012!!

  7. Dmarie

    wow, gotta love the ECsimplified site. I didn't know disposable diapers didn't come around 'til '61, nor did I know that people start newborns on little potties. I used cloth diapers back in the early 80's but I would watch our baby for cues and set her on the pot for bowel movements. mainly 'cause I hated cleaning out diapers! ;)

  8. Amy_YouShallGoOutWithJoy

    I learned that the average age for potty training in the US has gone from 12-18 months in the 1950s to 3 now!


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