Slings and Things

Slings and carriers have become a bit of an addiction of mine.  I heard one mom describe them as “like clothing, you have to have a lot of options so you can change it up!”  I totally agree … but I am trying to keep myself from going too crazy.  My other new addiction is deal a day sites, so when this Hugamonkey sling popped up for a mere fifteen dollars on one of my favorites, I obviously didn’t think twice!  
I must say that I think I would be losing my mind by this point if it were not for my slings, however.  I started out with a Maya Wrap Ring Sling (thanks to my grandma!) when Annie was new newborn and it was absolutely perfect!  I love having her close anyway, but she’s not much of one for being put down for more than a few minutes at a time, so “wearing” her is the only way I have continued to get things done!  Being able to nurse in them was a lifesaver, too, when babe was tiny and eating for an hour or more at a time!  
I still prefer the Maya for when we’re out, and the Beco for long walks, but lately I’ve taken to wearing my Hugamonkey sling as part of my clothes – I put it on in the morning and don’t take it off till bedtime.  It’s great because there’s no extra fabric, and buckles or rings that get in my way, so unless I’m using it, it’s like it’s not even there.  Then, when I need to fix myself something to eat, wash my hands, do the laundry, etc, I just put Annabelle in for a moment and then I can take her right back out.  It makes the days so much easier!  We both love the carry I was using above right now, too.  I cross her legs — criss-cross applesauce — and put her in facing out, like a kangaroo, but cuter.
All I can say to the moms to be in my life, is that a good sling or wrap is one of the most useful things you can possibly imagine!
It can be useful when it’s time to put babes to sleep, too.  If this doesn’t make you melt, you’re made of stone.
My new favorite wrap and sling maker is most definitely Beth at BabyEtte, however.  She made me a gorgeous, quick drying Water Baby ring sling for the beach and the pool that I can’t wait to use!  Yay!
In other news, it’s my first day back to (virtual) “school.”  Wish me luck! 

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